May 1st Correspondence: The System's Chains Can Be Broken

Revolutionary Worker #907, May 18, 1997

In honor of May 1st the RCP received many statements and greetings saluting the party and the RW. Among the many moving messages, which we will be reprinting in coming issues of the paper, this one came from an immigrant proletarian in Los Angeles. It was translated from Spanish by the RW:

May Day 1997

This year we must celebrate the day of our class, the oppressed class, the class that with the light of MLM will lead us and our revolutionary struggle to make fundamental change.

TOGETHER WITH THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY, this year we must celebrate our Revolutionary Work to push forward the struggle of the PEOPLE, working for a fundamental change, not just to survive, but to LIVE. It has to be all-the-way. We will not accept crumbs.

Our class should not just celebrate worker's day on this day, but instead we must work so that every day we can rise up united with the force of revolutionary struggle. Let's work to turn up the volume on that key demand of the people: the people as human beings demand a better world where we will not accept slavery in any form. To demand this is the right of our class.

I am very happy that this year the Revolutionary Communist Party has focused the struggle on teaching the science of MLM. Before I came to know this science, I lived in a constant state of anguish. I felt that there were two hands gripped tightly around my throat, always there, threatening to strangle me. It didn't matter if things were going well or not, the threat of those hands was always there. I felt that at any moment those hands would tighten their grip and strangle me. In the worst moments of my life, I sometimes wished that they would close around my neck and end my anguish and suffering. Everything around me was a constant contradiction, a great weight, guilt, traps and obstacles. Everything was totally confusing.

Now that I have come to know MLM, I realize what those two hands that clutched my throat really are: one is the rotten system of capitalism with the laws it imposes on the people of our class with the indispensable help of religion, and the other one is the slavery that weighs so heavily on us as women because due to an accident of nature we were born to be mothers, because under this system women are born to be mothers and nothing more. Well, comrades, it's true that many times I fell into this trap, but they never convinced me to totally accept it.

And all this is why, comrades, I feel very happy now that I have come to know the science of MLM. This science freed me completely from those two hands. Today, as I approach a half century (50 years) on this earth, I have grasped and reclaimed my right to be free. MLM helped me see that the system's chains can be broken. It really frightens me to think that if I hadn't come to know this science and the Party, I would have lived out my life sad, broken in spirit and always running. But when I understood the real reason why women are oppressed, the tremendous cloud of confusion in which I lived evaporated. The oppression of women is one of the main pillars that holds up this system. And when I understood this, I recognized that this system is not as powerful as I had imagined. Now that I have this knowledge, I walk with my head held high, and my heart is strong and full of great joy. Sometimes I even think my heart will burst from so much happiness, happiness based on confidence and great strength because now I finally have the weapons that will make it possible to change this filthy, rotten system which traps people and forces them to live with their heads bowed, their voices silenced, as if they always have to be apologizing for something.

For these reasons and many more, compañeros, now that I have this Party, I am sure that with my work and with all our work we will reach the goal of revolution. More struggle means more life and a better world for the people of our class. Liberty for everyone must be our goal. A better world, let's not accept slavery in any form. MLM is a very dangerous science for this system because with it we come to know the side of things that they keep hidden, the dirty side, full of tricks and lies, and we also come to know that this system is very much afraid because it is built on top of quicksand. And with our work and our revolutionary strength, we will triumph and they will be swallowed up. There is only one road to revolution and the attainment of a fundamental change in the system, and that road is the science of MLM. For me it is the only road.

More Struggle means More Life for everyone.

Let's wage this struggle with the right weapons.

And what more powerful weapons could there be than the truth and clarity in our understanding of things?

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