Letters from "the Hole" at SCI Greene

Revolutionary Worker #958, May 24, 1998

The RW received the following letters from prisoners at SCI Greene:

To Whom It May Concern:

I haven't the slightest idea of whose hands this letter will end up in. I am presently incarcerated at SCI Greene, in the Restricted Housing Units. Another inmate just called everyone for silence and read your article about the mental and physical abuse and other vicious acts done by the "fine" staff here at Greene. The "block" was completely quiet. Then someone asked for the address of the newspaper.

I don't know how much it costs to subscribe, but I would truly like to. Can you please send me a copy of the April 19, 1998 English edition, #953, Vol. 19 No. 50. I'll send $10 to subscribe if that's your fee. If I'm short by a few, please let me know and I'll send the rest. I'm just happy someone else besides us convicts hears and understands these people's cry. I myself haven't been abused but here in the RHU aka "the hole" there's more than enough who have. But people on the outside looking in won't listen.

Once again, I truly am happy that some of this made the papers. But I will tell you this -- that April 19 article about Greene doesn't even cover half of what's going on here. Before we even heard of an investigation, you could see the difference in some of the guards' attitudes. An inmate was abused and cut with door keys and the guards who did it act like nothing happened. That's just one "unheard" of story. Now that there is an investigation, they change from cuss words and racial slurs to "how you doin' today" or "good mornin'." We knew something was wrong then. I could tell you stories for days and enough names to fill a book, all from being in this one cell. But I don't because the law that swears to protect and serve isn't doing nothing for people like us. The staff here acts like this is their house and we're their "pets." We're all convicted felons but does that mean treat us like dogs? Hopefully there'll be articles across the state about the conditions here at Greene. Chances are you'll be getting letters from other inmates. If you do another article and print some, please, I say again, please don't print names. Yes, I fear for my life here.

A living, breathing human being,

P.S. I really would like to subscribe, if possible.


To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing you in reference to the paper you publish (Revolutionary Worker). If possible can you please send me (Vol. 19 No.50) back paper. It's very important that I have this paper. You done a full page article on SCI Greene brutalizing inmates in the hole (RHU).

Well, I'm an inmate in the (hole) RHU and I been "attacked" by the officer(s) when I informed them they (officers) are not allowed to read my "legal mail." At this time I been struck in a stabbing motion with force, maliciously, sadistically, for the purpose of causing me harm. This sergeant hit me with the RHU (hole) keys causing me to receive four stitches to the right elbow.

We inmate(s) are not allowed to file "grievances," only when the superintendent or higher ranks approves. And you have slim or no chance of getting one. I contacted the District Attorney here at Greene County. However they play politics here in this county (Greene). When I informed him (District Attorney) that I'd like to file criminal charges and asked him to please don't send the letter to the superintendent because I fear there will be retaliation and security purposes, the District Attorney done it anyway, sent the letter to him.

I have been threatened, intimidated by official oppression here at SCI Greene because I try to file criminal charges against these officer(s). They do everything possible to hide the abuse here, even lying to the outside world.

I'm informing you that when you're assaulted, they leave you right on the same block with the officers. Nothing has been done to any of the officers here at SCI Greene on this investigation. Again, I'd like you to send (vol.19 No.50) back issue, if possible. Thank you for your time and help. I appreciate to the fullest. If you would like to publish anything I wrote, that cool.

P.S. Can you please send the paper I'm asking about ASAP.

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