Support the Cab Drivers!

A Message from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
(NY Branch)

Revolutionary Worker #959, May 31, 1998

Over the past week we have been witness to the latest of Rudy Giuliani's arrogant, racist assaults--this time going after the taxi drivers, people who thousands of us know, interact with and depend on every day. They're doing it with a coordinated operation including legal action, police harassment, fines and even revoking licenses in a move that would destroy thousands of drivers' ability to carve out a living--would even crush whole families.

Once again the holy words "Quality of Life" have been invoked as a means to threaten and bully an entire group of people into marching in step with the city's most recent drive for control and order.

Look at what's developed around us. The crosswalk blockades, the ever-present video cameras, the fines for trying to squeeze onto a subway car. There are now even undercover "quality of life" police squads. And this is not even to mention soaring incidences of police killings and brutality, most recently the so-called "wrong address" break-ins and shootings.

The "quality" of life being imposed here is an atmosphere of strict obedience and lock-step compliance with authority. Each assault in the "quality of life" campaign has aimed to mobilize people to scapegoat some section of the people for how messed up this society is. In the case of the cab drivers, many of whom are immigrants, this is especially loathsome as it serves racist anti-immigrant and "English-only" fever. Life in NY today has a distinctly fascist "quality."

It is in the face of this that the drivers are standing up. They need to be supported by everyone.

Now is a chance to hold our heads up and weigh in against this "new order."

Stand with and support the drivers
who are fighting for their livelihood
and for their dignity!

To the Cab Drivers of New York City:

We salute you and support you in your fight. Your success so far, as well as your determination, has been an inspiration to every person who is disgusted with the fascist climate being promoted these days.

The multinational unity that you have built among yourselves as well as among the brother and sister livery drivers has been a great thing to see. We urge you to continue to build that unity even stronger and among broader numbers of the people.

We urge you to STAND FIRM and fight on through.

The Revolutionary Communist Party says:


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