Fighting for the Future

Revolutionary Worker #1003, April 25, 1999

We've followed Mumia's case and can't comprehend why he's still on death row. The transparent intentions of the powers-that-be in the justice system that imprisons Mumia are a smack in the face to us. Who do they think they are to try and kill this man right in front of us?
A 24 year-old activist against the death penalty from Richmond, Virginia

There's a sense of urgency. If you don't get involved Mumia's going to die. I guess he's sort of a role model, too. He's so courageous and brave. Man, I can't imagine being on death row, being in prison and still writing all the time. I just have a deep amount of respect for him....
A 17 year-old woman in West Philadelphia

Mumia, to me, represents the past merging with the present, his involvement with the Black Panthers and the political activism that's going on now.
A 20 year-old student at Hofstra
University whose parents are from the Caribbean

Mumia is the exception and the rule. He's an exceptional writer and revolutionary. But he's also the rule in the sense that he concentrates so much of what literally millions of Black people and other oppressed peoples go through under this system... he gives those people voice and dignity, something that goes right in the face of everything that this system is about. He's been bold about that and he's never backed down and that's why those in the power structure hate him. And whether or not we let them kill Mumia will help determine how soon we can get this system off our backs and put it in its grave so we don't have to live in a world where the pigs shoot us in the back, the courts lock us up and the ruling class exploit us day in and day out without even thinking twice about it.
A member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade

It's obviously going to take a huge, huge public outcry. It is going to have to sort of become a general topic of discussion in communities throughout the country, and when I say that I mean a broad array of communities, whether it be in the Asian community or the white community, whatever. But it also has to be taken up in the Black community.... I think that they in particular really need to rally behind this man who's been a pillar of strength and a pillar of freedom-fighting for them since the time he was 14 years old. I think that in general there is going to have to be massive public outcry with massive discussions about Mumia. That probably is the only way. The power of the people.
Youth and Student Coordinator of October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality

We're prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the execution. This is like our major priority because frankly there wouldn't be a youth network of Refuse & Resist! if it wasn't for Mumia Abu-Jamal at this point. He's the person who inspired most of us.
A member of Refuse & Resist Youth Network

The assassination of Malcolm X or the Panthers and other people who were taken down by COINTELPRO, it was done in the silence or in the dark. But they're trying to take Mumia away in front of us. Literally millions of us have the chance to get in front of the bullet this time and that's very significant. I think it's going to take millions and I think ultimately it's not a court's decision, but it's the people's decision and the people will decide what happens. It's going to depend on what we do in the end.
Student at Vassar College

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