Message to the Million Youth March
From the Revolutionary Communist Party

Revolution is the Hope of the Hopeless

Obrero Revolucionario #973, 13 de septiembre, 1998

We're in the streets today at this "Million Youth March" -- proud, defiant, determined to make a serious difference. The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) is in the house, and salutes all the sisters and brothers out here who are taking a bold stand against the oppression of Black people and the criminalization of a generation. From New York to Atlanta, the streets belong to the people, and we refuse to be stopped or pushed back by the powers-that-be and their enforcers.

AMERIKKKA 1998 -- being young is to be in a rolling nightmare. Instead of bright hopes and dreams, there are rivers of tears and mountains of fears. The great revolutionary Mao Tsetung taught us that this evil system of capitalism/imperialism -- which grew up and got fat from slavery -- will surely come to an end with the complete liberation of Black people.


Today, among the oppressed people, especially among the youth, more and more you hear it said: "THIS SYSTEM WILL NEVER CHANGE. THEY WILL NEVER STOP DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING -- IT ONLY GETS WORSE. IF THEY WANT WAR, LET'S GIVE THEM WAR!"


Our Party Chairman, Bob Avakian has said: "LET'S DO IT TO WIN -- AND LET'S BE CLEAR ON WHAT WINNING MEANS. LET'S DO IT TO MAKE REVOLUTION -- TO END OPPRESSION AND EXPLOITATION." Let's get clear on who THEY are -- and who WE are--who is the real enemy and who are real friends and potential allies of our revolution. Our party represents the proletarian class -- the have-nots of ALL nationalities who have nothing to lose but our chains. Mao taught us that the key alliance is the struggle of Black people and other people of color against racist oppression with the struggle of the proletarians against ALL oppression. We call this the "solid core" of the revolutionary united front we need to build -- to UNITE ALL WHO CAN BE UNITED AGAINST THE PIG SYSTEM, OUR REAL ENEMY.

LET'S DO IT FOR REAL. Let's get clear on what we need to uplift our revolutionary movement to GROW STRONG enough to BRING DOWN the capitalist system. Let's get clear on what we don't need that disgraces and weakens the people's cause.


  • Equality: sisters in the forefront of every battle and the liberation of the sisters made a top priority.
  • Unity of ALL nationalities to build a strong fight against white supremacy and the racist oppression of Black people, Latino people, and other people of color.
  • Mutual respect and understanding for all exploited and oppressed peoples, no matter what country we come from, or what language we speak.

  • Brothers dominating or dissing the sisters.
  • Anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant, anti-Asian or anti-Arab rhetoric that pits people against each other, derails our struggle and lets the system off the hook.
  • Settling problems among the people through revenge or violence.
  • LET'S DO IT WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. WHEN THE SITUATION IS MOST FAVORABLE FOR REVOLUTION. The chance to make revolution in a country like the USA -- going directly up against the powerful enemy we face -- does not come very often. WE GOT TO BE READY. WE GOT WORK TO DO TO GET READY, AND THE WORK WE DO CAN MAKE THIS TIME COME SOONER. The 1992 L.A. rebellion saw a fearless generation take center stage. Young fighters have stepped to the frontlines of the key struggles of the '90s -- to free Mumia, to free all political prisoners, to defend affirmative action and bilingual education, to stop police and migra brutality, to defend a woman's right to abortions. To get ready we've got to strengthen our resistance against the oppression and brutality of the system and its enforcers -- and build our forces for revolution.

    LET'S DO THIS WITH THE IDEOLOGY AND LEADERSHIP THAT CAN SHOW US HOW TO WIN, AND LEAD US TO WIN, IN THE FULLEST SENSE. Our Maoist Party, the RCP, is down with the people in the 'hoods and barrios organizing resistance. We work to be among all the people who are fighting the system on every front. Revolutionary young leaders are getting trained to hook up a new generation of rebels on campuses and street corners with the most kick-ass science on the planet earth: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We need a REVOLUTIONARY GENERATION to take it into the new millennium!

    We know from the history of our class that when Mao Tsetung was building his revolutionary army thousands of young gangbangers joined up when they saw a chance to put their fearlessness to revolutionary use. Our Party Chairman says: The problem in the world today ain't too much violence; the problem is too much counter-revolutionary violence and not enough revolutionary violence. When revolution has its day, people will see things another way.

    OUR PARTY KNOWS WHAT IT'S GONNA TAKE AND WE ARE ALL THE WAY DOWN WITH THIS. We have the strategy for revolution in a country like the U.S. We know how it can be done and we are determined to do it -- no stopping short or turning back. We're shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters who are fighting right now -- waging Maoist people's wars in Peru, Nepal and the Philippines. We are part of the no half-stepping, all the way WORLD PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION.

    Hook up with the RCP and its youth crew, the REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST YOUTH BRIGADE today.


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