Stolen Lives:
"We Will No Longer Tolerate
This Intolerable Situation"

by Carl Dix

Revolutionary Worker #978, October 18, 1998

The Stolen Lives Project is a war memorial--it shows the faces of the mounting casualities of war--A VICIOUS WAR THE SYSTEM IS WAGING ON THE PEOPLE.

The updated listing by the Stolen Lives Project of people murdered by law enforcement officials, with 1000 names and still counting, is a declaration: BASTA YA --NO MORE! We can see that the people killed in this war are very many and very young. And the excuses given by authorities to justify all this are very flimsy.

This documentation by the Stolen Lives Project is a powerful weapon in the hands of all those who have enlisted in the battle against the mushrooming epidemic of police brutality in this country. It unmasks the "justifiable homicide" lies of the government and the official media lies used to criminalize people of color, youth, women, and the poor. But more, the Stolen Lives Project is a tool in THE STRUGGLE THAT THE PEOPLE NEED TO WAGE AGAINST THE SYSTEM.

Our message is clear and bold: that we will no longer tolerate this intolerable situation, that we aim to win justice for the victims of police murder NOW. The Stolen Lives Project can help to enlist many others to join and carry forward our struggle until not one more person has to suffer the effects of wanton police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of an entire generation. Right now, concerned and justice-minded people need to be joining in the nationwide protests taking place on October 22.

As a revolutionary communist, I find many compelling reasons to put an end to the capitalist system--and each stolen life in this listing gives me one more reason --to work wholeheartedly for revolution, so as to end this criminal system as soon as conditions are ripe.

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