Carl Dix:
"Mumia has helped inspire and bring forward a new generation of fighters"

Revolutionary Worker #981, November 8, 1998

The decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reject the appeal of the unjust conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal is an outrage that must be met with determined and fierce resistance. In issuing this decision, the court is upholding a conviction based on flagrant violations of Mumia's rights presided over by a notorious racist judge.

In essence the court is saying, ''to hell with legal niceties. We're going ahead with the execution of this revolutionary.'' This signals that the ruling class is serious about trying to murder Mumia Abu-Jamal and silence his voice. We need to be just as serious about fighting to overturn his conviction and free him from jail.

Mumia has helped to inspire and bring forward a new generation of fighters against the abuse this system brings down on the people. We need him calling out the crimes of this system, giving voice to the voiceless, and helping the people to get organized to fight back. I urge everybody to throw themselves heart and soul into the protests condemning this decision and into the fight to free Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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