February 13, 1999:
Message to the Central Committee,
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Revolutionary Worker #996, February 28, 1999

Dear Comrades,

On February 13, 1996, the masses of Nepal took a historic leap in their struggle to achieve genuine liberation. Under the leadership of their vanguard, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and its General Secretary Comrade Prachanda, the flames of People's War were ignited. A new front was opened in the struggle of the international proletariat to wipe imperialism and all reaction off the face of the earth.

On this third anniversary of the launching of People's War in Nepal, the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA extends its warm and comradely revolutionary greetings.

Over these three years, the revolution in Nepal has continued to advance. It has spread ever-more widely through the countryside; it has sunk ever-deeper roots among the oppressed; it has won ever-greater support and admiration from the oppressed and revolutionary-minded of the world.

The enemy will not reconcile itself to this. From the very beginning of the People's War, the Nepali government has unleashed vicious assaults to crush it. Now the enemy has mounted an unprecedented military operation against the revolutionary forces. But you have answered counterrevolutionary terror with revolution, with the further development of People's War. The resolve and courage shown are deserving of the highest praise.

We are painfully aware that hundreds of fighters and masses have been martyred to the cause of freedom and liberation. On this occasion, we remember and honor them.

As we wrote you two years ago, starting and sustaining people's war requires daring and sacrifice as well as the clarity of vision and sense of purpose that only the leadership of the proletariat, its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist vanguard, and its ideology of all-the-way emancipation can provide. What you have achieved over the course of three years is not only a victory for the CPN(M) but also for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in which we are joined together. We are united in a common cause for a communist new world.

Comrades, we want you to know that the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA fully and steadfastly supports you. As proletarians in the U.S. learn about the people's war in Nepal, they can recognize their own "distant kin," their own cause. Comrades, we are confident that by continuing on the road on which you have embarked, and with your determination to overcome all difficulties, you will win the bright future longed for by the oppressed in Nepal, and worldwide.

Central Committee, Revolutionary Communist Party,USA

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