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Down With the Blood-Soaked Capitalist Regime in China!
Excerpt from 1989 Statement by CORIM

Revolutionary Worker #1009, June 6, 1999


During the Cultural Revolution, Mao instructed the genuine communists of the world what to do if the "right seizes power in China." He said, "If the leadership in China is usurped by the revisionists in the future, the Marxist-Leninists of all countries should relentlessly expose them and fight against them and help the Chinese masses in their battle against the revisionists."


After the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement issued a statement condemning the Deng Xiaoping regime. The following are excerpts from this statement:


From behind the deceitful pretence of "socialism" and "people's democracy," the true reactionary face of the capitalists running China has thrust itself out plainly and grotesquely. They savagely unleashed a virtual war against more than a million students, youth, workers and other residents of Peking who demanded political rights and dared to expose and rebel against the stifling climate of corruption and economic crisis resulting from the last 13 years of capitalist rule and bourgeois dictatorship....

After the death of Chairman Mao Tsetung, our class lost power in China. The revolutionary proletariat led by heroic leaders like comrades Chiang Ching and Chang Chun-chiao lost the last great battle against the revisionists and capitalist roaders who opposed Mao's road, and people's rule was defeated in China. With it disappeared the international proletariat's last fortress of socialism. The revisionists and capitalist roaders within the communist party, headed by the renegade Deng Xiaoping, twice toppled by Mao himself, and the likes of Hua Kuo-feng, Hu Yao-bang and Zhao Ziyang, usurped state power in China. They set about destroying the socialist economy and socialist relations of production and establishing a system of private ownership with profit in command. Their motto was "To get rich is glorious"; their highest goal was the pursuit of self-interest. They carried out a rapid, all-round restoration of capitalism and subjugation of the economy to imperialist finance capital and its market system, especially to the Western imperialists led by the U.S...

All of the social injustices the masses are protesting against--the dramatic rise in unemployment, sharp price increases, lack of housing, and the massive corruption of Deng's government--are the inevitable outcome of the restoration of capitalism in China. And the criminal butchery by the ruling class there is just an extension of the horrors, violence, and suffering that the imperialist system brings down upon the majority of people all over the globe. The abrupt interruption in arms shipments and crocodile tears of outrage shed by the Eastern and Western rulers suddenly detaching themselves from Deng Xiaoping, who only yesterday they hailed as the "great reformer," are merely to cover over this fact..."

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