On the Verdict in the Trial of the Cops Who Gunned Down Amadou Diallo

41 Blows to the Gut--Murdering Pigs Set Free

by Carl Dix

Revolutionary Worker #1045, March 5, 2000

Another outrage has been perpetrated. They've given us 41 blows to the gut by finding the cops who gunned down Amadou Diallo in a hail of 41 bullets not guilty.

If stepping to a man standing on his own steps doing nothing wrong, gunning him down and then ransacking his apartment and terrorizing his roommates to try to find something to frame him up on isn't murder, then what is? Which is exactly their point. They're telling us that brutality and murder their cops commit in carrying out their duties as front line enforcers for this rotten set-up has their stamp of approval!

Let me get right to the point--the solution to the problem of police who have a green light to brutalize and murder, and to all the other problems the people face under this system today, is that the system needs to be overthrown. It's gonna take a revolution. We need a revolution led by the have-nots, the proletariat--our people of all nationalities and races who live under the occupying army of the police forces every day. We live in a society based on the exploitation of the great majority of people in this country and around the world by a handful of rich capitalists, enforced by their police and their courts.

It's not time yet to launch an all out revolutionary assault. The system ain't deep enough in trouble, with the rulers divided up and fighting each other. And the people ain't ready to put it all on the line for revolutionary change yet either. But we can't sit around and wait while the system continues to wage war on the people. We have to organize ourselves to resist.

Together let's make big trouble for the rich bloodsuckers who rule over us as we build resistance today--in preparation for the time when we can rise up in revolution, get rid of this system once and for all, and build a new world on the ashes of this messed-up one.

Today, this outrage demands a massive response.

We need to be creative, and we need to be determined in delivering them a message in the streets that we won't take this in silence. We're being told now that we should be peaceful in our response to the verdict. But you don't have to be a revolutionary to see the authorities have their pigs out there brutalizing and murdering people 24-7.

They're warehousing our youth in prisons. Soon the numbers of people in jail in the U.S. will pass two million. 3,600 people are on death row, many of them victims of frame-ups like revolutionary prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. A book put out by the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, together with the National Lawyers Guild and the Anthony Baez Foundation, is called Stolen Lives. It documents over 2000 people killed by law enforcement in the U.S. in the 1990s.

Opposing this program of pigs, prisons and punishment is going to take people rising up in serious resistance. And if you're for justice, you have to stand with the people when they rise up and embrace this kind of determined resistance.

This verdict is their way of telling us they're gonna keep on giving a green light to their brutal, murdering cops. That they need to have a pig force that's ready, willing, able and even eager to patrol our communities like an occupying army. What do we need to say back to them?

Many, many people were outraged when we heard of the foul murder of Amadou Diallo. Many hated hearing the cops lying on the stand about him having brought on their murderous assault. Many burn with rage because the Street Crimes Unit is still out in the streets, jacking up and brutalizing people based on the color of their skin. Many think it's unacceptable that the authorities give cops a green light to brutalize and murder and work to exonerate them when their crimes are brought to light.

If you're somebody who shares this outrage at the injustice being inflicted on the people, you need to join in the fight to stop police brutality.

If you're somebody who hates the living hell this system forces so many to put up with day in and day out and want to see it ended as soon as possible, then you've got to get down with the Revolutionary Communist Party and its youth arm, the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade.



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