Carl Dix at NDP2000, New York

Revolutionary Worker #1077, November 6, 2000, posted at

We're up against a determined foe that ain't gonna give up easy. So what is it that we gotta do? My answer to that is on two levels. One level is we gotta build even more mass and massive resistance. If you're somebody who thinks police brutality is foul and needs to be stopped, then get down with the October 22nd Coalition. Join in the fight for justice for all the victims of these brutal murdering cops. Take the Stolen Lives and with it help break through the lies of Giuliani and the others, that police brutality is isolated incidents. Join the fight to stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Get down and fight for justice, sisters and brothers. That's what we've gotta do to put brutal murdering cops in check.

But we've gotta go beyond putting police brutality in check. We've gotta go to getting rid of the system that spawns police brutality because police brutality is built into the fabric of this rotten capitalist system. That means we need a revolution--millions of people from the bottom of society gathering many other allies to their side, rising up, getting rid of this system through revolution, going on to build a whole new world on the ashes of this fucked-up one. That's what it's going to take to get rid of police brutality once and for all. And the resistance we're building today has everything to do with being ready and in position to be able to rise up and make revolution when the time is right.

So if you're somebody who hates this shit as much as I do and wants to see it ended, then get down with the Revolutionary Communist Party and its youth arm, the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade. Run with us. Together with us make trouble for these bloodsuckers that rule over us. Get a hold of a Revolutionary Worker and use it to expose the nature of the system. Build the areas where you live and where you work into strongholds of revolutionary resistance, areas where the enemy knows that if he comes in and attacks, he's going to pay a price. Get down on this fight, sisters and brothers. If revolution is too much for you, fight for justice in the hardest way you can. But I think revolution is the solution.

Carl Dix, National Spokesperson, Revolutionary Communist Party, at NY NDP 2000

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