Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the RCP,USA

Plans for the New RCP Programme

Revolutionary Worker #1078, November 13, 2000, posted at http://rwor.org

A year ago, our Party began a great project to produce a new Party Programme. We called on people to become involved, together with us, in this process-forging a new Programme for the revolutionary transformation of this society. Now, during this time of the 25th anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist Party, we are preparing for a new phase of this project, which will involve an even bigger effort, engaging more people, even more deeply, in discussion and debate over the future, and how to get there.

Right now, the Party is carrying through an intense process of pulling together the results of a year's work of investigation and discussions held outside and inside our Party. We are combining that with all our Party has learned over its 25 years about revolution. All this will be concentrated in a Draft of the Programme.

In the Spring of this coming year, this Draft will be published-starting up a whole new round of discussion and debate. Over many months, our Party will discuss this Draft, exchanging views with diverse forces and encouraging an atmosphere of debate over the decisive revolutionary questions that the Programme will concentrate: What is the path to revolution in this country? What about the revolutionary potential of the proletariat here? Does a revolutionary communist (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) programme truly speak to the basic problems of this society and the world and their solution? What will the new society be like? What are the needs of different sections of the people and how will they be met through this revolution? How can we win? Out of all this discussion-which will be based on the new Draft-the Party will further sharpen our understanding and line and produce a final, new Programme for revolution.

What lies ahead, after the Draft is published, is an even broader and richer process of exchange with many people-deepening all our understanding, and firming up our grasp on the Maoist line and programme for mobilizing the people for revolutionary change.

The Party will publish the Draft in English and Spanish to fully involve as many people as possible, including large sections of the diverse proletariat in the U.S. The Party plans to dispatch squads of people all over the country with the Draft-to learn from the opinions, criticisms, suggestions and debate. The pages of the RW/OR will feature articles and correspondence on the Draft programme. The Party will actively seek out meetings with forces all over the country-Native Americans, farmers, youth in the newly arising movements, veteran political forces, intellectuals, artists and more. Circles of proletarians will take up these revolutionary questions with the Party.

The Draft Programme will be circulating at a time when there are new upsurges, and when a new generation is increasingly grappling with questions about the way forward for humanity. During this past year, sections of revolutionary youth have been engaged in the struggle around the Programme-contributing in many ways to producing a Draft. Investigation teams of revolutionary youth have gone to the proletarians in sweatshops and housing projects, and have taken up the MLM method of making class analysis. This kind of fusion of MLM and the newly arising generation can and must take place on an even higher level once the Draft is out.

The Party needs support of many kinds to make all this happen. Starting now, during the Party's 25th Anniversary celebration, there is a pressing need for funds in order to be able to finish up the process of producing the Draft-including translating and printing it. Additional funds and other kinds of support are needed to lay the foundation for the ambitious plans the Party has for the Draft once it is out. The Party needs your support to be able to organize the kinds of discussions and revolutionary exchange that need to take place around the Draft.

These are the plans for what's ahead in the next phase of the Party's great project for a new Programme. This is a call to contribute concretely now to publish the Draft and to get involved in the process of making it a powerful force for the further development of the revolutionary movement and our Party.

Revolutionary Communist Party,
November 2000

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