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Message to the RCP,USA On the Occasion of Its 25th Anniversary

Revolutionary Worker #1079, November 20, 2000, posted at

Central Committee
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Dear Comrades,

This October marks 25 years since the formation of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, the international proletariat's advanced detachment in the United States. On behalf of the revolutionary proletarians from across the globe, especially the parties and organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), we send our heartfelt revolutionary communist greetings on this occasion.

To have a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party right in the heart of the Yankee empire is a great achievement and tremendous advantage for our class and for the oppressed peoples and nations of the world. Without knocking down this most hated, this greatest vampire on earth which relentlessly and greedily sucks the life out of the proletarians and oppressed masses of the world, including within the US itself, we cannot sweep all imperialism and reaction from the face of the earth and build a new classless society. We cannot create a world that is no longer divided into oppressor and oppressed nations, one without the accumulation of wealth and poverty at two poles within each country and internationally, without woman-hating laws and values and without prejudices based on and reinforcing the division of labour, race, age and the other differences that mark humanity. We deeply crave the destruction of imperialism and reaction throughout the world and the building of a new society on their ashes. The RCP,USA is a key weapon, a crucial part of the international proletariat's plan to accomplish this mission. Because overthrowing US imperialism, seizing power for the proletariat in the USA and making the new power a liberated red base area for the world proletarian revolution is the central task and mission of the RCP,USA.

The RCP,USA has deeply grasped that it can play its role in the world proletarian revolution by, as Mao said, preparing and carrying out the "seizure of power through violence, settling accounts through war" as "the central and the highest form of revolution." The RCP,USA has fought against a backward line and non-revolutionary vision spread by many revisionists in the imperialist countries and nationalist forces in the oppressed nations that the proletariat and communist parties in the imperialist countries should only struggle peacefully against their states and at best give a hand of solidarity to the armed struggles of the masses in the oppressed nations. No armed revolution has succeeded in the imperialist countries since the victory of the October Revolution in Russia in 1917. The RCP,USA has stressed the importance of mastering and applying Mao's universal line on people's war to the concrete conditions in the USA. The RCP,USA's serious approach towards preparing people's war and developing the line of making revolution in that country is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist approach. The revolutionary proletarians of all countries hail this and take pride in the RCP,USA. If this approach were not a central feature of the RCP,USA, it could not exist as a proletarian internationalist party. If a communist party, no matter where, does not have the basic line of making revolution in its country, it cannot support revolution in other parts of the world. The fact that preparing and carrying out the armed seizure of power in the imperialist countries will be extremely complicated and difficult does not decrease the cardinal importance of maintaining this line and only this line. Today the RCP,USA has succeeded in developing a revolutionary party based on the revolutionary theory and ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), a party made up of a powerful combination of fully-committed and far-sighted revolutionary leaders and cadre, a party increasingly rooted among the basic masses and connected to the young generation who are coming round to fight against US imperialism, bringing a fresh air of combat for the lofty goal of liberation in that country. All this is a big part of getting ready to wage revolution in the USA, for only this kind of party can initiate and lead such a proletarian revolutionary war.

The RCP,USA is a product of the revolutionary world-wide upheavals of the 1960s and '70s that shook the imperialists and reactionaries, including the fat bosses in the ex-USSR who cynically posed as "communists". But most of all the RCP,USA is the product of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. As the leader of your Party, Chairman Avakian, has emphasised, "It is no exaggeration to say that without the theory and line developed by Mao and the practice of the Chinese masses in carrying it out, especially through the Cultural Revolution, our Party could not and would not have been founded when it was and on such a revolutionary basis." Not many MLM parties that were formed in that period were able to stay on the revolutionary path. Many of them proved incapable of facing up to the twists and turns of revolution and simply gave it up. But the RCP,USA has kept the red flag flying throughout the difficult periods.

When the counter-revolutionary coup occurred in China in 1976 and the socialist bastion of the world proletariat was turned into a reactionary base serving the imperialists, especially the US imperialists, the RCP,USA and Maoists around the world exposed the reactionary nature of the coup-makers, who continued to call themselves "communists." Comrade Avakian made a penetrating analysis of the nature of those new rulers in China. Under his leadership, the RCP,USA carried out a forceful counter-attack against the efforts of the counter-revolution in China and around the world to negate, distort and invalidate Mao's development of our communist theory to its third and highest stage of MLM. At a time when the entire international communist movement had been thrown into crisis in the aftermath of the loss of proletarian power in China, this counter-attack had important influence on the international communist movement and made significant contributions in preparing the way for RIM. The RCP,USA along with other Maoist parties and organisations played a key role in the formation of RIM in 1984. RIM, which regroups MLM parties and organisations internationally, was founded and developed as the international embryonic centre of the revolutionary communists of the world.

Today the RCP,USA is in the midst of preparing a new programme, based on a fresher and sharper look, presenting its strategy and tactics for overthrowing US imperialism as well as its plan for building a new society. The proletariat and oppressed around the world have a deep interest in every advance that the RCP,USA makes towards its goals. They passionately share with the RCP,USA and the basic masses in the USA their hatred of the rulers there and their joy in the struggle to rid the world of them once and for all.

Long Live the RCP,USA!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live RIM!

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement
October 2000

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