Appeal Denied on Amicus Briefs in Mumia Case

Revolutionary Worker #1084, December 24, 2000, posted at

As we go to press, the RW has learned that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia has denied Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal to have amicus briefs heard in his case. These judges--and Judge Yohn who will hear Mumia's federal appeal--refuse to even look at briefs filed by the ACLU of Pennsylvania and the NAACP of Philadelphia; the National Lawyers Guild and five other legal organizations; 22 members of the British parliament and the Chicana/Chicano Studies Foundation.

The amicus briefs support Mumia's demand to have his conviction and death sentence overturned. They show that Mumia had ineffective counsel; that he was not allowed to defend himself; that the prosecution withheld evidence and pressured witnesses to change their stories; and that Black people were intentionally kept off the jury. They demonstrate how the injustices in Mumia's case affect the lives of millions of people. (For more information see "The People Must Be Heard" by C. Clark Kissinger, RW/OR #1074).

The federal judges' refusal to consider these amicus briefs is an outrage. It shows even more that the people need to step up our struggle to build a movement that is broad, diverse and determined--the only thing that can stop the rulers' execution of Mumia.

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