Bold Jailbreak by Maoist Women in Nepal

Revolutionary Worker #1099, April 22, 2001, posted at

Nepal, March 31. Six women Maoist rebels made a bold jail break and escaped from a Gorkha District jail after digging a nine-foot-long tunnel.

Jail authorities said the rebels got away around 2 a.m. and that this was the first such escape in this district.

The police had allotted a small plot of land next to the jail for the women inmates to plant vegetables, which is where the women rebels dug out a tunnel.

Police suspect that the women were assisted by people on the outside. Right before the escape, a powerful device exploded and shots were fired just a few yards east of the jail. When the attention of the police was diverted towards the explosion and gunfire, the rebels inside the jail used the tunnel, which opened northwest of the jail, to escape.

Now the police say they have no idea as to the whereabouts of the women Maoists.

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