Salute to the New Communist Party of Iran (MLM)

Message to the Founding Congress
of the Vanguard Party in Iran
from the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA

Revolutionary Worker #1108, June 24, 2001, posted at

The Revolutionary Worker has received important and exciting news from Iran--the founding of a new Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist). The following are three statements: statement from the founding congress of the CPI (MLM), dated May 1, 2001; message from the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (CoRIM); and message from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

It is with great joy that we greet the Founding Congress of the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) on behalf of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Although Iran and the United States are thousands of kilometers apart and have different social systems, our parties and the proletariats are linked in a common worldwide struggle against imperialism and reaction and for the establishment of communism.

For many decades, the struggle of the proletariat in the U.S. and the revolutionary movement of the Iranian people have been intertwined. Since World War 2, the U.S. has been historically the main imperialist prop of the reactionary regime in Iran. This was particularly clear during the reign of the Shah who was widely denounced and hated as a U.S. puppet. We remember not only the revolutionary enthusiasm that Iranian students brought to the revolutionary struggle in the United States in the period of the 1970s but also how they helped to propagate and popularize Maoism among the youth of this country.

The period since the fall of the Shah has been one of great tests for the revolutionary movement in Iran. And we express our revolutionary salute to the martyrs of the Iranian communist movement who gave their lives resisting the anti-people wave of terror which the Khomeini regime unleashed to consolidate their reactionary Islamic republic. We will continue to learn from the unflinching steadfastness and the absolute confidence in the final victory of the revolutionary cause that you have embodied in these difficult years.

The U.S. is an imperialist country, and our ruling class has fattened itself by exploiting the labor of working people in Iran and other oppressed countries as well as the proletariat in the U.S. itself. We have seen that every blow you strike against the imperialist system in Iran encourages the revolutionary and progressive people of the U.S., weakens our ruling class and helps hasten the time when the proletariat will rise up in arms against the U.S. ruling class. Now, with the formation of the CPI (MLM), we know we can expect these blows to increase and for the day of the final overthrow of our own ruling class to be that much closer. We pledge to do everything in our power to assist the revolutionary struggle in Iran, especially by intensifying the revolutionary struggle against the U.S. imperialist ruling class.

Our party has always valued our close ideological and political unity with our Iranian comrades. We are united by our common ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Our common understanding of the centrality of proletarian internationalism has been strengthened through our joint participation in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, which gives organizational and political expression to our ideological unity. We will continue to closely study and learn from the development of the revolutionary struggle in your country and the line of your party as it develops.

Over our own 25 years of experience we have come to appreciate even more the central role a vanguard party plays in the entire revolutionary process. Under the leadership of Chairman Bob Avakian our party has deepened its understanding of the revolutionary process in the U.S. and has summed up the experience of the class struggle, our own work and the developments that have taken place in society. On this basis we are developing a new Programme to further increase our fighting capacity and meet the needs of a new generation of revolutionary forces which are emerging. We are sure that our future interaction with your newly founded party will further assist our own party's revolutionary understanding as such interchange has always done in the past.

Both of our parties have great tasks to accomplish in preparing, initiating and leading to victory people's war against our respective ruling classes, and our strength is clearly weak in comparison to the enormity of this task. We know that the struggle in Iran and the United States has not been and will not be simple or easy. But we have also seen that persevering in a correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line is not only our revolutionary obligation, it will increasingly root itself in the hearts and struggles of the revolutionary people. The experience of the entire international communist movement and in particular the developments of the People's Wars in Peru, Nepal and elsewhere have shown that a correct line can unleash and guide the revolutionary energy of the oppressed, a force which will ultimately triumph over even the most arrogant and vicious of enemies.

Long Live the Founding of the Communist Party of Iran

Long Live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Central Committee
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

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