Profile of an International Terrorist

George W. Bush

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He was born a child of privilege. Amassed a fortune through shady dealings and family connections. Lived a playboy's life of excess and indulgence. Now, at age 55, his name has been linked to acts of terror that span the globe. He is protected by an elite "secret" guard, uniformed in black suits and dark glasses. From his command center in a location referred to as the "white house," he controls a vast military force armed with weapons of mass destruction, unparalleled in the history of the world, that puts millions of lives at risk. Most recently, he is responsible for ordering a reign of death from the sky that has resulted in the slaughter of thousands of Afghani men, women and children.

His aliases range from junior, Dubya, President-select, and Commander-in-thief. His real name is George W. Bush, Jr., and in the following special report, we will uncover the dark past and hidden stories that shaped the man who some experts consider the pre-eminent terrorist in the world today.

"King of terror"

There is much that we already know about George W. Bush, Jr. He seems to openly advertise his connections to various global terrorist networks. He has been photographed with such terror chieftains as Tony Blair, former KGB chief Vladimir Putin and Ariel Sharon. Blair, as experts point out, has used his "UK" forces to maintain control over the entire northern section of the Irish isle. Putin's Russian forces have slaughtered thousands of Muslims located in Chechnya. Sharon is notorious for his attacks on Palestinians, including the infamous terror attacks on Sabra and Shatilla, the Palestinian refugee camps outside Beruit. It is no secret that much of the weaponry that Sharon utilizes--from airplane gunships and tanks down to bullets--have been financed and supplied by the Bush terror network.

"He has a god complex," say experts

A number of experts have described George Bush as being a "white man with a god complex." He expects his enemies, even whole countries, to quake at his words, grovel to his might and obey his orders. His image frequently appears on television, in carefully prepared videos, exhorting his followers to engage in acts of violence against people around the world he has deemed as "enemies" and, ironically, "terrorists." "With us or against us," has been his constant mantra.

Espouses fanatical religious beliefs

There is also a strong component of religious fanaticism to Bush's makeup. According to religious scholars, Bush hews to a particularly rigid variant of Christianity and has known connections to strict fundamentalist circles who subscribe to arcane beliefs. Bush once reportedly argued with his mother that all non-Christians are destined for hell. God's blessings are invoked every time he engages in evil doing--so that every bomb dropped, gun fired and weapon used is, according to Bush, doing "god's" work. Defying simple logic, Bush holds that small clumps of microscopic human cells and tissue have the same rights as full grown human beings--excluding, of course, those human beings George W. considers "uncivilized." Bush considers simple medical procedures such as abortion so abhorrent that he has issued what amounts to a religious decree, so that the mere mention of the word "abortion" by a doctor to a patient results in severe financial repercussions.

Biographical data and criminal background

As the commander of the world's largest terrorist network, George W. Bush continues in a long-standing family tradition of wheeling, dealing, skull-and-bones-duggery and governmental intrigue, starting with grandfather Senator Prescott, and continuing with George Bush, Sr., himself a long-standing terrorist operative. George Bush, Sr. once ran the secretive network known as the CIA (a/k/a/ "The Agency"), before moving into the network's above-ground command structure (a/k/a "White House"). During the '80s, Bush Sr. enlisted Latin American drug lords, wealthy Middle Eastern financiers, Central American death squads and U.S. spies and mercenaries for cloak-and-dagger machinations targeting the Central American nation of Nicaragua. During this time the Bush network developed its narco-terrorist operations, bringing cocaine to the U.S. to finance the so-called contras. Bush Sr. also unleashed his "Armed Forces" terrorist network against civilian populations in Panama and Iraq. The human cost of his military strikes and bombing raids were ravaged landscapes, wrecked economies and death tolls climbing into the hundreds of thousands.

George W. Bush himself showed little early promise for his father's line of work. Growing up wealthy and privileged, Bush Jr. first succumbed to the lifestyles of the rich, spoiled and incompetent. Made money driving a couple of oil businesses into the ground before being bailed out by some of daddy's rich friends. Engaged in insider trading to sell oil company stock before his father launched the terrorist operation "Desert Storm." Made his millions selling a chunk of a baseball team he had virtually been given, and is now worth an estimated $70 million. Was a party animal with the obligatory cocaine and alcohol binges that finally ended (Bush claims) at age 40. His family connections and new found wealth gained him a plum position as overlord of the state of Texas. It was only then that Bush Jr. showed a hint of his future potential as a global thug and murderer--overseeing the execution of more than 130 Texas state prisoners. Neither innocence nor guilt nor fair play or foul could stay the hangman from his appointed tasks.

It was around this time, swayed and influenced by extremist political and fanatical religious figures such as Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts and Ralph Reed, that Bush Jr. developed the belief system known as "Compassionate Conservatism." One expert researcher noted that one hallmark of this belief is that poverty is the fault of the poor who simply lack the proper spiritual values. Armed with this anti-modern philosophy, and assisted by his family connections, Bush Jr. made his move for the top position in the U.S. terror network. With a campaign war chest and a bunch of miscounted votes in brother Jeb's state of Florida, George was able to gain access to the secretive headquarters known as the "Oval Office."

Comfortably ensconced in power, George proceeded to assemble a terror command council (a/k/a the "Cabinet"), a collection of bureaucrats and advisors, many with a long history of criminal activity in prior "cabinet" posts. What follows are just a few examples of George W. Bush's crimes and potential for grave damage.

Possessing weapons of mass destruction

With thousands of H-bombs, war heads, and missiles at his disposal, Bush Jr. controls the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world--with the capacity to incinerate all of human life a dozen times over. His predecessors in terror have on many occasions threatened to use these weapons--with one former terror chieftain, "Commander" Truman, actually dropping a few of these horrific devices on two Asian population centers.

Chemical warfare/poisoning population centers and food supplies

Bush Jr. and his associates in terror have supplied toxic chemicals, arms, military personnel and expert advice to the terrorist client state of Colombia, in South America. Government airplanes spread the poison across large swatches of territory like crop dusters, the poison falling onto plants, animals and people alike, destroying food crops and damaging people's health.

Slaughter of innocent people

In less than two months, Bush operatives in the "Armed Forces" network have wreaked havoc on the impoverished population of Afghanistan. Powerful and exotic devices such as laser-guided missiles, 1,000-pound bombs and "Daisy Cutters" (which incinerate everything within 600 yards) are some of the weapons of choice. An estimated 1,500 to 2,000 Afghanis have been slaughtered. In televised statements broadcast from his terrorist command center, Bush remains defiant and unapologetic for his actions, citing his terrorist creed of "collateral damage"--a profoundly evil philosophy which maintains that non-American lives are expendable.

In summary

Prior to launching a war against Afghanistan, George Walker Bush was considered one of America's more inept presidents. All that changed following September 11, 2001, when Bush began his campaign in Afghanistan. The ongoing decimation of Afghan cities and countryside under his command have killed an estimated 2,000 people. In addition, Bush has openly declared his intent to commit more terrorist attacks throughout the world against nations and peoples he views as "unfriendly." Through his recent actions, Mr. Bush has unquestionably risen to the level of "evil mastermind," having earned his place among the most murderous of U.S. presidents while still retaining his reputation as a moron. He is considered armed with weapons of mass destruction and extremely dangerous.

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