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Here are more excerpts from our growing discussion:

Subject: An Indian View on Draft Programme

Posted by: Dave

The abolition of the state, that machine used for the suppression [p. 13] is necessary as we know it, as Marx knew it too - which in the case of Natives out here in the West was happening as he was writing and working in Europe. As far as Socialism as a transition to Communism that might be a sticky debate among the sense that the Revs in Russia and China are being compromised now, and I'm sure once the Cheyennes and Suswaps etc. knew more about Mao's Long March for instance they'd be sympathetic. So of course they need to learn Maoist History much better, which is difficult especially here in north amerikka with so little access to books and real news, especially for poor Indians without even telephones to have a shot at computer websites...

So, we would agree about the DP's analysis of repression and deception [p. 15], and building revolutionary militias (which we'd call Warrior Societies) to oppose the armies set over and against the people [p.16].

The section on Socialist Economy is especially appealing, especially "as the crucial first step...towards the major means of production" out here would translate as LAND . They will go a long way to selling the Bros and Sisters. LAND is everything to us, vast areas larger than Europe which could be opened to a socialist sustainable development with BUFFALO for instance, and plenty of room for Proletarians to flee the ravaged cities and start again on 40 acre homesteads/communes...."Transform Agriculture" absolutely! "Shares of nationalized land, rent-free, to farm, and their debts will be canceled" [p.18].

We explain that to everyone and they're with it, I'm sure.

Treaties of course are violated Law and the U.S. will never honor them, at the point of their guns, BUT Treaties are a strong unifying point for many Tribes and Nations, and if the RCP talks knowledgeably about them--like the Ft. Laramie Treaty for instance, uniting 7 Nations in the vast trans-Missouri Basin covering most of 7 western U.S. states -- it will get a broad majority of support. .

Subject: Open Source -- New Society

Posted by: Area Man

Open source code is software that is not owned. It is written, by programmers, made public, shared, and reworked collectively. Lots who work on this and use it are hostile to Microsoft and monopoly (if not always capitalism) -- and want to "subvert the paradigm."

I don't think anything epitomizes capitalism's fundamental contradiction between socialized production and private ownership like the way the ideas of people (software) are twisted to make money for the few. And the software is totally fucked up in the process...On the other hand, I don't believe that alternative software schemes will weaken or replace monopoly capitalism.

I notice the site uses open source code (linux, php etc).... I can't find where the Draft Programme talks about the madness of "intellectual property rights" or issues of how software will work under socialism. Will socialist countries be hooked up to the same internet and email as the capitalist world? And what will that mean? And what role do the anti-Microsoft forces have to play in preparing the revolution?

Subject: Re: Proletarian state power

Posted, by: dolly veale

Revolutionary greetings Ben Seattle... While we may agree the proletariat has the right to seize power, we differ on whether the proletariat has the right to HOLD onto power through its class rule (expressed in our sharp differences over HOW this power should be exercised.)... If the masses don't have leadership to exercise their right to identify and suppress (old and new, internal and external) antagonistic forces, the hard fought victory of the revolution might well last only two months, like the Paris Commune!

It's not easy to determine revolutionaries from counter-revolutionaries, although some won't be that hard (you know, folks with white hooded sheets). But in general, we have to find ways to distinguish as Mao said "contradictions among the people, and those between the people and the enemy." That's why the DP says:

"To assist the masses in continually developing the revolutionary unity and in making distinctions between disagreements--even sharp ones-- among their own ranks on the one hand, and the views and actions of counter-revolutionaries on the other, the Party will not only provide overall leadership to this but will establish and publicize basic guidelines. These basic guidelines would be along the general lines that ideas and actions should:

Of course, there will be many views and actions on the part of the people who are, by no means counter-revolutionaries and do not seek o return to the old society, which nevertheless fall on the wrong side of the general criteria outlined above. Lively, vigorous debate and struggle will make it possible to win such people over to the correct, forward course and to learn the most from their views, criticisms, suggestions, etc. The process of debate will also make it possible to drag into the light of day and deal firmly with the minority of people who are pursuing counter-revolutionary objectives, wherever they are--including, and of special importance, within the Party itself.

Subject: membership

Posted, by: Ray

How can I join RCP,USA? Is there a membership process.

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