June 6: People Across the Country Pledge to Resist

Revolutionary Worker #1155, June 16, 2002, posted at http://rwor.org

June 6 marked the successful launch of the Not in Our Name (NION) project. Across the country, people took a common Pledge of Resistance to declare their determination to resist in diverse ways the horrors that the U.S. government is perpetrating here and around the world. Over 400 gathered in New York; over 350 in Berkeley; 400 in Los Angeles...and there were events in many other places, including a gathering of 150 people in Viroqua in the Kickapoo region of southwest Wisconsin. Many people heard the Pledge and learned of the NION project through the Pacifica radio network and WBAI radio in New York City.

The June 6 Day to Pledge to Resist brought together people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, communities, and political beliefs in a command stand against the government's "war without limits," repression of immigrants, and police state moves. The call from the NION project states: "Following this launch, the pledge must be spread throughout society. We urge all people of conscience to take up the pledge and help make it a force in society against this war and repression. We also must be prepared to respond to major escalations. Throughout the summer, the Not in Our Name project and pledge will be taken out across the country, leading to a Day of Mass Resistance in the fall." More information about the NION project is available online at www.notinourname.net.

Next week's RW will have a fuller coverage of the June 6 Day to Pledge to Resist.

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