October 6-7 Actions of Protest and Resistance:

Revolutionary Worker #1165, September 1, 2002, posted at http://rwor.org

On Sunday, Oct. 6, the day before the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan, mass actions will be held in major cities, bringing together tens of thousands of people who together will take the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance. They will declare their opposition to the government's course and pledge to resist--and stop--this war on the world, the detentions and roundups of immigrants and the escalating police state restrictions in this country. The events will send a message to the people of the world that George Bush does not speak or act for all the American people.

Then on Monday, Oct. 7, the Pledge of Resistance can be further spread in actions at government buildings and other appropriate locations, on campuses, and in the streets; faxed, mailed, phoned and emailed to government officials (local, state and national) and to media outlets.

This multilayered display of protest and resistance on Oct. 6 and 7 intends to bring together people from all sections of society to resist--and build strength to stop--the direction of the U.S. government.

"We work to establish common purpose to seek peace for our planet and a diverse expression of that desire on the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan.

"We make this call in the spirit of the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance that begins:

"`We believe that as people living in the United States, It is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names.'"

The Not In Our Name Project

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