This call has been issued by the Not In Our Name Project:

Not in Our Name!

Central Park, New York City,
October 6, 2002

Revolutionary Worker #1165, September 1, 2002, posted at

The U.S. government began raining bombs on Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001, signaling the beginning of its unprecedented war without limits or boundaries. Since then they have put troops in and threatened other countries. They have illegally detained over 1,000 immigrants. They have drastically restricted civil liberties and threatened the very right to dissent. They claim all this is being done for "our" security. They say they are doing it in our name--and the world's people are its targets.

For the one-year anniversary of the day the bombing began, we in the U.S. need to send a message to the people of the world that the U.S. government does not speak or act for all the people here, that we refuse to allow these atrocities to be committed in our name, and that we will build a movement to resist and stop this course. We feel this message needs to be heard especially loud from NYC, "ground zero" where the deaths of thousands of innocent people on Sept. 11 have been invoked as justification for the government's actions.

The Not in Our Name Project invites and urges you to be part of planning and building a mass protest on Oct. 6 in NYC against this war on the world; against detentions and roundups of Muslims, Arabs, South Asians and other immigrants; and to police state measures, including attacks on civil liberties, efforts to suppress dissent, and moves to establish a citizen spy network.

Imagine this: On Sunday, Oct. 6, the day before the bombing began one year ago, ten thousand people of different nationalities, backgrounds, communities, and political outlooks converge in Central Park to send a message to the people of the world that we stand with THEM and not the U.S. government. People could hear the firsthand stories of those who have been targeted by the government's actions. A huge wall could be created with children's artwork and messages from unions, community organizations and religious congregations that could be sent to people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other countries who are feeling the effects of U.S. actions.

Angry, defiant and uplifting cries of youth for a different future could fill the air with poetry, chants and song. Ideas and plans for resistance could be shared and spread.

Imagine this: At a certain time that afternoon, the many thousands could physically stand together and create a gigantic image of the world with their bodies. Then, ten thousand strong, they would speak as one, take the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance, led by prominent artists, writers, religious figures and activists.

"Not in Our Name"--resounding from the heart of NYC on the anniversary of the launching of this war without limits. Imagine the power of this message that will be sent to the people of the world!

The day would signal a new breadth of commitment, a deepened resolve, and a growing strength among people in this country to resist and stop the horrors being done by the U.S. government in our name.

It will be a challenge to actually realize this vision. But the times require nothing less. Every willing hand and heart is needed to help develop this vision and make it happen.

We must all of us, together, dare to change the course of history!

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