Salute to the October 6 Resisters

Revolutionary Worker #1169, October 6, 2002, posted at

The RCP salutes the brave resisters who are stepping out on October 6 to say "Not in Our Name."

Not in Our Name: U.S. bombings and interventions;
Not in Our Name: war on Iraq;
Not in Our Name: injustice against Arab and Muslim people;
Not in Our Name: big brother repressive laws;
Not in Our Name: an atmosphere of fear and suspicion where critical thought itself is suspect.


Together we confront a dangerous and intolerable situation. And the whole world is watching what we do.

Drunk with power, the U.S. government is waging open-ended war and bringing down great suffering and injustice on people around the world.

After September 11, 2001 the U.S. government declared a limitless war. In the week of October 6, 2001 the first bombs fell on Afghanistan--announcing the arrival of a corrupt new colonial regime under U.S. command. For a year there has been mounting U.S. intervention from Yemen to the Philippines.

Here, in the U.S., Arab and Muslim people have been secretly detained; thousands have been targeted for questioning by the political police; civil, legal, and political rights are daily being taken away; and the very right to dissent is being threatened.

As October 6, 2002 approaches--the White House is making very clear that they intend major new escalations. They have granted themselves the right to wage "pre-emptive" war anywhere in the world. And they are now preparing to target the people of Iraq with a massive new war of bombs and occupation.

The U.S. power structure is on a roll - brutally imposing a whole program to dominate and recast the world to suit their predatory interests. And the future of the people is in the balance.


TOGETHER we are called on to galvanize the sentiments of millions against this juggernaut of war and repression and TOGETHER we are capable of doing it.

We know that there are people all over the country who are sickened by what is happening. The "War on Terrorism" is revealing itself to be profoundly illegitimate, unjust and immoral.

Bush swaggers to the podium of the United Nations and barks orders to the world. Congress is dispatched to write the White House a blank check for war. Cold calculations are being made about sacrificing thousands of lives--of Iraqi people and U.S. soldiers. Tanks, troops and bombs head methodically for the Persian Gulf. And three Muslim medical students can't have a quiet meal at a Shoney's truckstop--without screaming squad cars, detention, and media hysteria.

All of this madness is being done "in our name"--in the name of the people of the United States, in the name of September 11, in the name of safety, security, anti-terrorism, order and even peace. But none of this will bring safety or security--and that is not its purpose. This is a global grab for a locked- down world--rearranged to suit corporate American capitalism, enforced by smartbombs, commandos and police wiretaps.

And more and more people are saying: this cannot be allowed to go down .

Across the world people are horrified and angered by the sudden grab for world control of this belligerent "hyperpower." They are told that "America stands united"--that the U.S. government acts "in our name." They are told that nothing can stand up to this machinery of war and attack.

So it is of historic significance that on October 6, people are coming together to take a pledge of resistance, to say: `We believe that as people living in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names.'

Our actions on this day will bring heart and hope to people around the world. In the very country which is unleashing suffering and bombs on their heads--there are people who will not go along with this oppressive program, people who want to stop this war machine.

Together we can act to change the climate in this country--to carve out space for all those who want to resist, to galvanize the sentiments of the people, to come together and act against the monstrous things coming down.

For our part, the RCP is part of an international revolutionary movement. From that perspective we understand deeply the need to unite very broadly with diverse forces who do not share our views on the causes and solutions to the problems we confront. We have done this on many fronts of struggle, and we are prepared to give our all to confront the heavy challenges now posed by this juggernaut of war and repression.

As we step out together on October 6, we celebrate our diversity and our solidarity. We come together: immigrant communities under siege, proletarians who live the American nightmare firsthand; youth and veterans from the 1960s; resisters from many walks of life. Among us there are different views on the causes and solutions to the problems we confront. But while our views differ--and we will continue to debate and dialogue--we come together now united to oppose the unjust actions of the government that are being carried out in our name.

On October 6, our resistance can be a platform to take the movement of resistance to a whole new level. Together we need to build the kind of movement that can speak to millions, unite all those who oppose this war and repression, and bring out the truth. Together we need to build the kind of resistance throughout society that can stand up to a government implementing fascistic measures in the name of safety.

The people need our collective energy and creativity, our critical thinking and our courage.

Another world is possible, and we pledge to make it real.

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