Boston: 20,000 March Against the War

Revolutionary Worker #1175, November 17, 2002, posted at

Boston, Sunday, November 3 --An estimated 20,000 gathered on Boston Common and marched through the downtown area to oppose a U.S. war on Iraq, in one of the largest anti-war demonstrations in the Boston area in many years. The rally was organized by United for Justice with Peace, an umbrella organization of area peace groups.

From the stage, people's historian Howard Zinn spoke at length on the history of false pretexts for war that have been used by the U.S. government. From all over New England, people came--bringing many different views of what was driving the U.S. to war and what needed to be done to stop it. There was a strong showing of high school and college students. Signs in the crowd read "Not In Our Name," "No War on Iraq." There were planet flags, and rainbow flags, peace symbols and large placards with the Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance. Many people were infuriated with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry's pro-war stand. At the Revolution Books table, there was spirited debate and discussion over the role of the UN and the weapons inspections. Copies of the RW changed hands as people were really struggling to understand this crisis: what would it take to stop the war...would this protest make a difference...what do we do next.

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