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Anti-War Demonstrations Around the World

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We received the following from the A World to Win News Service:

7 April 2003. A World to Win News Service.Resistance to the war continued all over the world in the last week, from teach-ins to poetry readings and cultural events, to demonstrations large and small, targeting various military facilities that provide aid or support to the war on Iraq, as well as U.S. and U.K. embassies. In some parts of the world demonstrations have occurred daily. Following is a partial list of actions from March 31 to April 7.

Turkey: The anger of the Turkish masses was heightened by the double-cross of the Turkish Prime Minister who agreed to allow the transport of U.S. war materiel through Turkey into northern Iraq. A news agency reported, "The United States suspended the move of the equipment because angry Turks who oppose the war were pelting the trucks with eggs and stones, breaking several truck windows." On Sunday, thousands gathered in Istanbul Square. Thousands demonstrated also on 4 April. Colin Powell's visit also was the leaven that gave rise to a demonstration by university students in Ankara on 2 April.

Palestine: On 4 April, Palestinians carried mock coffins on the UN and the Arab League through the streets of Gaza as thousands took to the streets to protest the war in Iraq. Thousands also demonstrated in Nablus and the refugee camp of Nuseirat on the same day. Also on 4 April, women in Ramallah protested against the Anglo-American coalition and in favor of an Iraqi victory.

In Jenin on 3 April, a demonstration marked the first anniversary of the Israeli army operation "Defensive Shield" in which 53 Palestinians and 23 Israelis were killed. Even Tel Aviv saw antiwar demonstrations on 2 April.

Lebanon: The Kuwait embassy was the scene of antiwar protests in Beirut on 4 April. On 2 April over 10,000 Lebanese and Palestinians demonstrated in Sidon. Banners called for death to the U.S. and U.K. The American flag was burned.

Egypt: On 4 April, once again police in Cairo prevented people from demonstrating outside of their mosque after Friday prayers. In Alexandria on 1 April thousands held an antiwar rally in the sports stadium.

Jordan: There were demonstrations in Amman on 4 April.

Syria: Hundreds of women demonstrated in Damascus on 1 April after Colin Powell demanded Syria stop supporting terrorism.

Indonesia: Daily demonstrations have taken place in various cities around the country. In Jakarta people burned effigies of Bush in front of the U.S. embassy on 6 April. Earlier in the week, people demonstrated in Solo in Central Java, throwing tomatoes at the U.S. consulate. Students pelted the embassy with rotten tomatoes on 1 April. On Sunday, demonstrations took place in many areas of the country, Jakarta, East Java, Bandung, and South Kalimantan.

Philippines: In Manila, 3,000 marched through the financial district beating drums, shouting no to war and kicking around a toy dog with a mask of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's face on it.

Thailand: 80,000 people marched in Bangkok on 4 April, burning effigies of Bush and American flags. 30,000 prayed against the war in the streets of Pattani, a predominantly Muslim town.

Malaysia:In Kuala Terrengganu, a small town south of the capital, 2,000 members of the political opposition group marched against the war.

Bangladesh : On 3 April tens of thousands took to the streets of Dhaka, burning effigies of Bush. Witnesses said that the American Life Insurance Company building was also set on fire.

India: Again this week, Delhi and Allahabad were the scene of demonstrations against the war.

South Korea: This government recently announced it would send troops to fight with the U.S./U.K. coalition, in defiance of the wishes of the vast majority of South Koreans. On 4 April, students in Seoul tried to march on the U.S. embassy but were prevented by the police. In another part of the city the daily vigil for two young girls killed in an accident by a U.S. military vehicle one year ago was turned into an antiwar rally.

Australia : An antiwar flotilla rallied in Sydney Harbor in front of PM John Howard's residence. On the city streets demonstrators burned American flags and were arrested later while causing "havoc" in the city.

Greece: With demonstrations occurring almost daily, on 3 April this country came to a halt. A one-day national general strike against the war shut down state services and businesses and disrupted flights at all Greek airports. Athens saw over 10,000 demonstrators shouting antiwar slogans in front of the U.S. embassy. Thessaloniki saw 15,000 march to the U.S. consulate. Public opinion polls say that 95% per cent of Greeks are against the war.

Ireland : People from all over Ireland, including both the Irish Republic and the British colony of Northern Ireland, were organizing to converge on Belfast 7 April in opposition to the Bush/Blair summit scheduled to discuss their anti-people efforts in Northern Ireland and Iraq.

Britain: Many demonstrations have taken place across the country, including thousands in London who marched on the U.S. Embassy. Arrests were made as demonstrators tried to block the streets around the Embassy. A major effort to "reclaim the bases" is taking place at naval bases in Portsmouth and Plymouth. Minister of Defense Geoff Hoon has been hounded by protesters particularly following his outspoken defense of British force's use of cluster bombs.

Germany: Several cities across the country saw demonstrations this week. Antiwar groups focused on U.S. military headquarters in Heidelberg, demanding that the German government end all assistance to the U.S. war effort.

Bulgaria: In Sofia, 2,000 people marched against their government's pro-U.S. stand on the war, which is opposed by the overwhelming majority. A petition against the war of 900,000 signatures was presented to the government.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sarajevo students hurled eggs and red paint against the fence of the U.S. embassy.

Spain: Barcelona students marched against the war on 1 April. On 6 April, up to an estimated half a million people took part in an open-air protest/concert in Madrid. In Santiago (Galicia), at least 20,000 marched, as did several thousand more in two cities in Salamanca. Four more offices of the ruling political party were trashed by protesters.

Italy: Naples protesters marched on the U.S. consulate.

Ghana : Accra residents demonstrated for the first time against the Iraq war.

South Africa: About 1,000 Cape Town residents marched to the parliament to demand that the government end arms contracts with the U.S. and U.K. and countries supporting the war like "Israel and Australia."

Argentina: 2,000 unemployed, trade union members and war veterans demonstrated. One banner read "The same enemy: yesterday, the Malvinas, today Iraq" (referring to British aggression in 1982 when it prevented Argentina from taking back the British colony the UK calls the Falklands).

Brazil : A thousand demonstrated in Rio de Janeiro, burning effigies of Bush.

Peru: Lima residents held a rally condemning the war.

El Salvador : 10,000 gathered in the capital, San Salvador, to protest the war.

Costa Rica: Streets in San Jose were filled with bloody bones, while demonstrators condemned their president for supporting Bush's war.

United States : Demonstrations took place in Oakland, Chicago, Washington, Pittsburgh and Detroit (Detroit suburbs have a large Arab population of Yemenis, Palestinians and Lebanese who oppose U.S. policy in Iraq). In Boston, a courtroom battle is taking place this week stemming from a 20 March protest where 18 people were arrested. The "Peace-Chain 18" blocked the entrance of Natick Laboratory, which they say develops chemical and biological weapons. The accused and other protesters are struggling to turn this trial into an indictment of the war. One of the 18, a 63-year-old former U.S. Marine, stated ironically, "The U.S. government just invaded Iraq and we are being charged with trespassing."

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