What People are Saying About Revolution's Expansion and Fund Drive

The following statements capture the significance of what Revolution means to many people from different political perspectives. It shows their strong desire spread this newspaper throughout society and to further galvanize broad financial support. From 90-year-old readers to young people of all nationalities—from Spanish speaking immigrants to social workers—to prisoners—all have stepped forward to be a part of expanding the raising funds for Revolution.

A letter from an immigrant supporter of Revolution newspaper:

A few weeks ago I participated in an activity to raise funds and contribute to Revolution’s $500,000 Fund Drive to improve the newspaper and I realized the potential people have when they hook up with a common purpose that’s inspired by a scientific ideology. Well, let me tell you about the experience we had with our activity. It was 5PM and we had to make 200 tamales. There were 4 of us that read the newspaper and are all inspired by the leadership of Bob Avakian. Every week we discuss his articles and we are completely opposed to the capitalist system. We’d put off realizing our project, which was to make tamales, for weeks already . . . but we finally decided that we had to realize this project without any more excuses and that we could put it off no longer. One thing that we kept in mind was—if we can’t make a simple 200 tamales, how could we ever make revolution? So we went to work! We went to look for the masa—the dough to make tamales—at about 6PM [even though it was late] we were determined to find it. . and when we did, we bought all the ingredients and we organized ourselves. We kept in mind that some had never made a tamale in their life, but they were the most excited and committed. When we were about to start wrapping the tamales (in the corn husk) it was about 11PM, and the owner of the house got there and she didn’t like what were doing and kicked us out. We could have given up, but we looked at each other and without any words we decided to take our stuff and go to another supporter’s house to fulfill our purpose. It was 1AM and there we were making tamales. Well, we finally finished. Our friends went to bed at 3AM and we still had to get up early to sell them… well, we sold out and raised about $75, but we didn’t accomplish our main objective. We worked as a team, we overcame obstacles, but we made a serious mistake when we didn’t involve any masses in making the tamales nor in selling them, which is the main objective of one of these projects. . . to raise funds without the conscious participation of the masses is to waste the energy of our revolutionary brothers and sisters . . . It’s essential that we confront the great task of involving the masses: neighbors, family, co-workers, intellectuals, scientists, political people, housewives, youth, the elderly, kids, etc. We can’t move forward without the masses. [Those of us that took this project up] are not exceptional or gifted people that are going to liberate the people even if we wanted to. It’s the masses that have to want to be free and it’s the masses that have to take this up for it to be possible. . . No one other than the masses can make a revolution possible. . . I’m saying this because it’s something for all of us to think about. . . We’re going to take up another project and put into practice all the things I just told you about. I invite you to do the same.


Statement of Support for the Revolution Fund Drive from Father Luis Barrios:

 Father Luis Barrios, activist, spiritual advisor of Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas and an associate priest at St. Mary's Church. He is also a professor in the Puerto Riocan/Latin American Studies Department at John Jay College, wanted to share some thoughts on why he regularly reads, distributes and has donated to Revolution newspaper and why others should too:
Revolution newspaper is a vehicle in English and Spanish, educating about the real issues. Take the example of immigration issue -- it does critical analysis, why people come here, how they came, interdependence between struggle here and countries people come from, connections with class struggle, xenophobia and immigration control laws.

Revolution newspaper challenges people: It asks you what are you going to do about it? It points to revolutionary solutions.
 Why subscribe? It is a revolutionary investment. Subscribe, my friend, it's important. Subscribing is a revolutionary act.

 Some of us have the ability to contribute more -- donate so there can get this newspaper.

Like I always say, 'Knowledge is power' -- we need to empower people for the revolution.
As a religious person, I see spirituality connected to the search for the truth. This newspaper brings truth to the people.

This newspaper is an important vehicle for revolution.

I make photocopies of articles for students in my classes. A lot of the articles relate to classes I teach, such as
 "Latinos/Latinas in the U.S. Prison System". These are powerful articles that mean a lot to my students.

A Social Worker's Statement and Pledge:

"I am pledging to donate $1500, $125/month until August 1, 2008 to the fund drive for Revolution newspaper. I am also pledging to match contributions to this drive from Cleveland neighborhoods up to $500 between now and the end of December.

I am donating to this drive because Avakian and Revolution are single-handedly addressing the questions I have.

I am one of many "highly educated" professionals who find it impossible to pursue happiness in the context of the vexing state of affairs in the world. I don't see the point of fighting for reforms, but I do see an urgent need to promote and protect Avakian and Revolution. I have always been inspired toward radical solutions, one that get to the root cause of the problem. Clearly capitalism/imperialism is the problem. If there is going to be a solution in time to literally save the world, I believe it will hinge on the influence of the leadership of the RCP.

Nowhere else do you hear sharp, unabashed, statements and expositions of the truth.  These days that is a vital substance.  Nowhere else do you see the clarity and commitment to wrangling toward a vision of a better world in a scientific manner.  I look to Avakian and Revolution for information and analysis I can’t get elsewhere, and for sometimes unpleasant, but real outlines of what is and will be required to forge a better world.  Again, it’s not that I am convinced we can get to a better world, but if it can nurture my desire for a just society anywhere, it is with Avakian and Revolution.

Look at the criticism of the Revolution article on elections and the responses from the editors of Revolution. Have you ever read such a thoughtful discussion of some of the process of political expression, dissent, respect for the middle strata, risking defeat while attempting to maintain proletarian power under socialism? And Everest's recent article on Iraq? You couldn't get more clarity on the Democrat's inherent allegiance to US imperialism. And Taylor's review of the movie "Knocked-Up"? Beyond exposing its turning back the clock to the 50's in terms of pressure on women to sacrifice all to go through childbirth, she addresses the general terror of the times for millions of youth. And the Dennis Loo article? Soooo clear on so many questions about what is so different now compared to the 60's and what it might take to change the political landscape.

We are so fortunate to have the continuing, fluid, and steadfastly communist analysis and methodology of Bob Avakian.  In making the point about the “2 Maximisings”, he addresses the potentially grim future of upheaval and chaos, and calls on all of us who at any time acted in the interests of a brighter future to take resposniblity for helping to prepare now for a better outcome.

As uncertain as I am about our ability to influence that outcome, I’m grateful for the opportunity o support the inspiration and leadership that comes form the RCP."


 A 14 Year Old in Watts Donates:

“I want to do something positive with my time and my life.  I can help change the world.  I’m going to read the Revolution newspaper, watch positive movies and write down some things that can help change the world.  I’m going to get a lot of boys and girls together to help the revolution.  Many of them don’t know how this system makes us slaves.  They don’t know that we all should be fighting for each other, all races of people.

Most people in the projects don’t have the freedom to get together and discuss all these things going on in the world.  They are being beat down and arrested by the police, locked up in jail.  People in other countries have to pay to go to school.  They don’t have free time, some people like immigrants don’t have family members because they get snatched from them.  It shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way, a better world is possible.

The revolution newspaper and Bob Avakian helps me to understand this.  We should get together and protest, we should get Bush out of the White House.  We should come together and raise donations for the Revolution newspaper.  I want to get kids together after school and walk around and get donations.  The paper needs to be out here big.  The pictures in the paper should be in frames in restaurants.  I’ve giving $10 to the Revolution.  You should give too! “


Revolution Books Staff member pledge at NYC Kick-off event:

“Hi, I work at Revolution Books and I've been reading first the Revolutionary Worker and now Revolution for three years or so. I am inspired by its message and its vision of the future world in which people can and will live cooperatively for the good of humanity and not for profit. This paper has to get out there to more people. People are searching for answers about how to live and why to live that way. Revolution shows us we do not have to live this way and we can go forward. It's got to be in the hands of the masses to combat all the crap we're bombarded with every day. Revolution has to be on the campuses, high schools and the work places. Dedicate yourself to build the paper to a whole new level where people will have to take note of it, one that goes from 'I've never seen this paper' to 'Oh, Revolution, what are they saying on this today?' Here's what we're doing. In the next three weeks we're going to raise $300. And then after three weeks we're going to evaluate our progress and do more things.”


A Challenge from a  30 Year old teacher--the Time is Now to Donate a Day’s Wages:

"If you are reading this paper, you have awareness, a consciousness of what is going on in this country and around the world. The system we live under, this imperialist system, continues to threaten our lives and ruin the lives of millions of people around the world. Not only does this system continue to brutalize and oppress, it threatens the very existence of humanity.

There is an answer to this madness: the Revolutionary Communist Party. This organization is the only force that will lead us to get rid of this horrible system and bring forth a new society where the masses of people will rule. Only then can we put an end to imperialist war, starvation, national oppression, and create equality for women.

My parents were survivors of the Holocaust. They were very resourceful. They managed to elude the Nazis, escaping through three countries. But millions did not survive. They were not able to resist on a mass scale. We must not wait until the steel boots march down our streets. We must not wait until we hear that knocking at our door. Our future, the future of billions is at stake. We must contribute as much as possible to the Revolution Newspaper Fund Drive. Revolution is our voice, our written word for revolution in this country. I am challenging all readers to contribute a Day's Wages Now. Today I am giving $250—my day’s wages.”


90 year old Revolution Reader’s Statement:

“The newspaper—Revolution—inspires me.  For many years I have read the Worker and all the papers that preceded it.  They have been part of my life, invigorated my mind, and brought together more and more the purpose of living.  The newspaper will reach out to the people who want to be part of building a society for all those in our universe who want a world that will build, not destroy.  More and more the masses of people are aware of those who are united with the sole purpose of destroying our universe.  These destructive people have no perception of a developing world in which the goal is working together for a healthy existence, a growing understanding of how to discover the science that preserves and encourages development etc.  Yes, we are aware of those destructive people but we are ignorant about how to reach out to all the millions who want, like ourselves, to create an intelligent, invigorating, inspiring, lively civilization and work together to bring it about.  People who will learn how to work to build such a world will be learning together that the backbone of a struggle to overthrow this system is strengthening and supporting those who have nothing to lose but their chains.

I am 90 years old. My husband and I who raised four children were searching all of our lives for books to read, for what we heard spoken, for movements that worked in the directions of a world to bring equality to all.  There are millions of people like this.  The world is absolutely dependent on a way to reach those millions.  I want to learn how to reach them.”


A Pledge from a Proletarian in Watts:

“I have been reading the Revolution newspaper and watching the DVD by Bob Avakian.I was reading the pamphlet about Willie Mobile Shaw and I was really inspired and motivated.  Everybody should read this pamphlet.  In reading the Revolution newspaper and watching the DVD you can see how a better world, and a better life is really possible.  But we have to step up to the plate as leaders to get the message out.  You have to make time, and effort to fight for a better world.  If you notice you have time for other things.

We as people have to make time to voice our opinions about the revolution.  We should support the revolution.  This will benefit the whole of humanity.  The present system we now have, the laws on the books is not brining about the proper change we need as people.  Instead of thinking in the old way we have to start thinking in a new way because the old way isn’t working.  We could have a better way of living that benefits all of humanity and the Revolutionary Communist Party offers that to us.  It takes money to print the newspaper, publish it, print fliers, get the word out.  Everybody should donate to the Revolution Newspaper fund drive!  I’m donating $60 at $10 a month.  “


The following is a correspondence from a supporter:

The spooks who sat in the kitchen

What do waiters do after they have served hors d'oeuvres at a million
dollar fundraiser, cut the three-tier cake at a wedding, or set the buffet
for a college graduation? They talk, and the conversations come from a
wide variety of life experiences, including the extravagant and sometimes
overtly political events we have just participated in. Something as
seemingly innocent as serving Mint Julep drinks becomes a lesson in the
history of slavery in the south. Serving shrimp at a Bar Mitzvah gives an
opportunity to point out that shrimp are an abomination according to
Leviticus. Being sent to a dark stairwell for break inspires the comment
"they are hiding us from La Migra". Waiting in line to pass hors
d'oeuvres, a Latino women explains to others, in Spanish, with gestures,
what "tasored to death by the police" means. A white waiter relates how,
just recently, a bride tried to request that no black waiters be hired at
her wedding (which was being held at Harold
 Washington Library, no less).

 The very nature of working together and getting to know each others
experiences begins to break down the dynamic that Bob Avakian cited, 90% of
Black people have a bad line on Latino’s, and 90% of Latino's have a bad
line on black people. When you add Revolution Newspaper to this mix the
result is amazing. I carry copies of the paper in English and Spanish to
enhance any of the above discussions among my coworkers. While driving to
an event one time everyone but the driver was reading the newspaper, from
the "Si crees que…" to a Philippine woman relating her witness of a
suppressed protest in Egypt to Oaxaca. Several people have volunteered
since the first printing of "Truth…in Preparation for Revolution!", to help
the Spanish edition especially, and more have stepped forward since then
for fundraising. We hope to fully tap into this potential and be able to
raise several hundred for the expansion of Revolution Newspaper.


A Pledge and A Challenge from a Chicano Youth:

“I am 15 years old. I’ve been doing work with the paper for several months now and I have begun to really dive into the revolutionary communist politics of Bob Avakian and the RCP. One of the first ideas I began to grapple with was the importance of the paper to the whole movement; how it is the living link between the party and its leadership to the people all throughout society.

Revolution newspaper, needless to say, exposes the system for what it is in a ruthless search for truth. It enacts the science of revolution. But the paper is at a crossroads. We are in desperate need of expanding our material base, raising funds, to take revolutionary politics out there to the masses of people much more broadly. We are at a crucial moment in history where the role of the paper must be strengthened and expanded.

This is where we all come in.

I, along with about four other youth who have gotten together, have organized a team that is committed to this expansion. This is a perfect example, if not a challenge, for people to follow.

We have organized forces.

We have set a goal: $500 by Labor Day.

We will orient ourselves before and then sum up the experience after each new opportunity, under my facilitation.

On that note:

Yes, I am a "Team Captain" for this team of committed youth, but it won’t just stop there. The vision is to form this core of youth, and then branch off. Under my facilitation, they will each develop their own leadership skills. They will then hopefully branch off, each of them forming new teams and themselves becoming "Team Captains."

Now, here’s the challenge:

Most of us youth have no income, no way of directly providing. Most of you adults have an income, a way to directly provide. If we reach this goal of $500 by Labor Day, we need people willing to match, double or even triple that amount in donations.”


A Testimonial from the Fund Drive Kick off in NYC at St Mary’s Church:

[English translation from Spanish]

“Comrades and Proletarians throughout the world,

First of all, I'd like to speak of the kind of world in which we live under this Yankee imperialist beast, around the world and right here in the U.S. Under the boot of Police Brutality murdering the youth, imprisoning people indefinitely and torturing them in their concentration camps in Guantanamo and Abu Graib. Abandoning thousands of Blacks on the edge of death in New Orleans, invading countries with unjust wars and imposing borders, like that between Mexico/U.S., forcing thousands of immigrants to leave their countries and cross deserts to seek a better quality of life or die in the attempt, and if this wasn't enough, the White House plans to invade Iran with threats of nuclear war …

Due to these and other atrocities, from here and forward we must prevent this from continuing. We must push forward this campaign more widely and broadly than ever, putting thousands of copies of Revolution in the hands of everyone, arousing others to become part of this campaign, distributing and contributing, so that Revolution is read in all the barrios, projects, schools, work zones, etc., and to unmask the truth of this system and prepare the masses for revolution in this country and in this way construct a new and different society from that which exists today.

Unite - Organize - Contribute

We can achieve this, and I believe that we are the hope of all those who are oppressed by this government. Like those in World Can't Wait say, "Drive Out the Bush Regime."

The future is unwritten, and our fate depends on ourselves …”



Statement from a Performance poet/author, Mr. Magoo in Hell:

"Revolution newspaper, speaks to the highest aspirations of humankind. For me Revolution is a blueprint for a world without exploitation. Its pages are alive with the liberation analysis of all aspects of life. This is the vehicle that will prepare the proletariat for its rightful leadership role."


From an Immigrant Proletarian:

“I think Revolution Newspaper is important because it is the only form we have to involve ourselves in current events, the only means to concentrate more people, the only form for the people to defend ourselves, and increase our numbers, to unite our forces and increase our understanding.  I would add that we need to make the newspaper more understandable to those less able to read well—to use a more simple or easier language—to broaden our influence.  Also sometimes there are many themes that are repeated in the same issue.  We should vary the themes more.  I think we should work hard to increase our readership and make our movement stronger. “(translated)

Letter from an MCI Prison Reader:

“Revolution gives voice to many thoughts and mine is one, one of many. In June 11, 2006, No 50, The write up about the marines killing 24 People! Civilians old and young. Then you try and cover it up with a lie that gets unfolded by a 9 year old survivor!…I thank you for being the voice of the people. I don’t want my light to go out. I want to hear the voice that you have given us. But my situation as of right now won’t allow me to bring forth the funds to purchase your paper. Could you help me; would you send me the Revolution? I know now when they [say] The Revolution will not be televised. Thanks in Advance, Kept Being a Voice The World Needs You.”


3 generations of Black people living in Watts Donate:

“We are donating to the Revolution Newspaper half million dollar fund drive.  We are raising money to get Spanish translators because the Spanish papers need to get out to people who speak Spanish every week.  We are all brothers and sisters and we need to be able to communicate with each other.  We can do this through the pages of the newspaper.  We can get to know about each others lives.

We need this so people could have a broader understanding of a revolutionary communist way of life. So all of us could think in the same direction for the cause of revolution.  Which would make a better life for the whole of humanity.  As brothers and sisters we won’t be fighting against each other, we’ll be fighting for each other and for the betterment of humanity.”


From a  Revolution reader:

“The favorite part of the paper is the beautiful photograph and I also look forward to the center spreads which are amazing” and “stories covering art and cultural icons like Sarah Vaughn and stories like “Walking Thru the Gates” which made me feel like I was there experiencing the art. “


Statement from a Retired sheet metal worker and small businessman in his 60s:

“The information in Revolution newspaper should be on the news every night. It is an alternative source of information. It is very informative, very educational. I use it to inform myself, for things I can't get elsewhere. Like information about South America and South Africa I read in Revolution and it will appear a year later in the New York Times. I wish more and more people will read it. I definitely want a bigger circulation.

The more people read it, the more informed, the more intelligent decision-making is. Then people can base their decisions on their own interests and the interest of our fellow human beings. When I was in the union, the union leadership would support election candidates not in the interest of the member. They supported Nixon, all the flag-waving bullshit. They were able to because the membership was not informed.

You are ahead of the curve when you can see how the whole system is rotten. For example, when Ghandi, who I admire, helped kick Britain out of India, there was not that much changed. We need a completely new system. But I'm not sure the answer. I know big capitalism is evil. It is a horrible system. Why try to reform it? We have to overthrow it, get rid of it.

The more people can see that's the only way, the more we will be able to do that.

$500,000 to us is a lot but it's a drop in the bucket when you consider the way things work in this world. Murdock is paying $5 billion for the Wall St Journal. We need millions of dollars for Revolution. From my personal experience, if you want to fight the powers that be, you gotta have money. If you don't, you may win a battle but not the war.

Over the years, we made progress on some things, say civil rights. But the powers that be won't leave it alone. The progress was tokenism and now there are major moves to turn it back. They are rolling back civil rights. It's a never ending war. 30 years later, the battle for affirmative action has been for nothing. I'll give Roe v Wade another five years; abortion will be gone. The solution? I'm not sure but the battle never ends and we can't surrender. I just know capitalism doesn't work.”

Letter from a prisoner on fund drive:

“In regards to your form letter, I will send it on out to a lady friend of mine who can/will act upon it to get it around to many. I also clip articles outta your paper (once they’ve circulated through my living area) to send to people I write so they’ll be exposed to copious doses of the reality, which is scarcely found out there. I also ask people to subscribe to your scroll (I call your paper that, for it’s more “holy” than the literature others may deem so). Without doubt, your scroll kicks reality as it is. And you asked the readers (we who receive yo’ scroll) to write a letter as to what difference(s) yo’ scroll makes/has made. I will do so & place it on back here, so you may photocopy/Xerox it for whatever the specific purpose(s) is/are you may have. But at any rate, I do, have done & will continue to do, ALL I can to assist/abet/support/contribute to the struggle. As for now, I will sign-off.

In struggle & moving on
forward forever and backwards never…”


A Sri Lanka reader writes Revolution:

“Dear Friends,

I am very sorry for my delay in replying to your letter. I am very much grateful to you for sending Revolution newspaper for a long period now. My kindly request is to send it continuously in future also. Since it is impossible for me to afford for subscription rates due to my meagre income as a pensioner, I will be able to send you some amount of money to help you in covering postage costs and I will send that amount very soon. So, please be kind enough not to stop sending the Revolution.

I am very much interested in various articles such as “Science of Evolution,” “Socialism Is Much Better Than Capitalism . . . ,” “Some Ideas on the Social Role of Arts,” articles on the developments of Middle East and Latin America, and articles by Bob Avakian. Apart from me, some of my friends are also interested in reading those articles. I am sending photocopies of those articles to them.

I agree with the idea that Avakian has enlarged the horizons of Marxism. Since I feel that it is necessary to take those ideas among sections of people who are interested in studying the problems of building socialism, I hope to translate some of those ideas into Sinhala language.

With best wishes,”


From a  Revolution distributor, Ogden, Utah:

“Revolution, for me, is important in myriad ways. Perhaps the most important is the manner in which current events are related so that the proletariat (me) can see not only how current affairs affect us at the bottom of an imperialist, capitalist society, but that there is something we as the working class can do to effect change. Moreover, Revolution, along with the Party in general, has shown me that I am not alone, and that the movement is still very much alive.”


Letter from a Recently Released Prisoner:

“Revolution newspaper is a vital resource that needs to be in the hands of prisoners. The restrictive nature of prison makes it extremely difficult to access information, and many prisons specifically restrict the amount of property that prisoners can have. I know this from personal experience: I was incarcerated at the age of 17 and spent 11 years in prison – with over 6 years straight in “solitary confinement” in segregation for resisting an officer (I was also criminally prosecuted for this incident and sentenced to 3 more years in prison). The ability to receive a weekly newspaper containing world news and critical analysis is invaluable. Not only is the information content priceless, but the ideas, conversation, and debate it sparks can lead to the profound transformation of many people, not only others in prison but through contacts with family and friends on the outside.

Prisoners need to know the reality of what is going on in the world, especially a dialectical materialist analysis of the capitalist-imperialist system that feels that their only worth is as warehoused human commodities, slave laborers, or caged playtoys for sadists. Revolution newspaper can provide this much needed information and analysis. The men and women in America’s prisons know, far better than most, the crushing blows of oppression and exploitation that form the basis of the American capitalist-imperialist regime. Many of them are ready and willing to rise up against their oppressors. They need the science and organization of a revolutionary vanguard. Prisoners need Revolution.”


Statement From a Young WCW  Activist:

“We have all been indoctrinated in this society with the ideology that history is too complicated to truly understand, that there is no end to horrific crimes being perpetrated in the Middle East and that there is no hope for any different kind of world. At best, we can just look straight ahead, black out reality, and just survive.

I’ve felt this way a majority of my life. I considered around this time last year about campaigning for Hilary Clinton. And then things escalated very quickly with a brutal illegal war killing over half a million innocent people, the legalization of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay with the military commissions act, and encouraging the racist police state with the shooting of Sean Bell.

Now I was being challenged on a new level. To understand why these things were happening and how can we truly end it. On this journey I came to the conclusion that these weren’t mistakes or bad apples. But a wretched system that was driving these atrocities.

I was introduced to a group of people and a precious leader that was not just forcing this conversation to be had, but wanted to envelope all of society in consciously taking part in creating different terms for a radically different world.

From Larry Everest’s article on the imperialist view of Iran to Sunsara Taylor’s review of  “Knocked Up”, the paper has unleashed me in ways that no other media is capable of,  also playing a role in my ability to lead millions of people to Drive Out Bush.

Revolution Newspaper is a voice desperately needed if we are seriously considering ANY type of change in the world.

Not only does it speak truth, but it calls on others to join in the struggle to find out what is true.  By inviting people from all aspects of society to wrangle with ideas and methods and then provide them courage to act on what they know.

What if the questions posed in the paper were posed in a much larger way to the masses here in this country? What if instead of talk about Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, there was conversation about pornography and how that contributes to the objectification of women. What if instead of people talking about how fucked up Islam is, there was also a conversation about the horrors of the Bible when taken literally. What if instead of the trials of Gonzales being televised, the impeachment of Bush/Cheney was being televised.

These things are possible but not just by dreaming, wishing, and hoping.  These things are possible with us playing a role in bringing these ideas forward, having dialogue around the paper with our neighbors and in our schools, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Bringing forward a leader, Bob Avakian, who is willing to fight for a different world, and give others the tools to become a part of this struggle and deepen their understanding. This is what we all can be a part of doing with bring out the paper in a much larger way.”


Testimonial From a Vietnam veteran:

“I think we read Revolution newspaper for how it reveals the underlying causes of events of our times.  Revolution newspaper doesn’t just tell us what has happened.  It tells us the why and the for who of events.  Revolution newspaper gets down to the essence—the underlying contradictions of this capitalist-imperialist system that drive historic events.  And Revolution links its exposures to what we—the progressive and revolutionary minded people —need to do now to work towards another future socialist revolution.  Reading Revolution and expanding the network of Revolution readers is not an activity in casual conversation.  It is a liberation of human minds from the weight of soul killing, oppressive ideologies.

At the core of Revolution newspaper is the thinking, writing, and voice of Chairman Bob Avakian of the Revolutionary Communist Party. I think Avakian is the most important leader we have in these times.  Avakian uses the philosophy and method of Marxism as a scientific tool to understand the past and the present.  His analysis and criticism of the communist experience in the Soviet Union and China, of democracy as a political system, of the world situation and our urgent tasks, of the positive role of dissent in a future socialist society, and more, gives us hope for a profoundly better world, a world that can only be created through the conscious efforts of ourselves in our millions.  That is why I read Revolution.”


A Letter from Readers in Tres Cantos, Spain:

“We are an archive of documentation political, union and juvenile located in Tres Cantos (Spain).

We work to create a historical documentation center and we have a great interest in to study and to receive the press published by their organization. It interests us fundamentally to receive press and propaganda you have (newspapers, leaflets, stickers, posters . . .) as well as information on all the publications published by you in the past.

Thank you ahead of time for their collaboration and we put on at your disposal to be able to study some collaboration with you. We include them a brief report about our Center.

We look forward to their news.

Best regards,”

Send us your comments.

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