Translating Revolution into Spanish

Producing Revolución, the weekly Spanish edition of Revolution, is essential to our mission. Revolución reaches to a Spanish-speaking and bilingual audience in the U.S., and the Spanish-speaking world.

Internationally, the paper reaches a Spanish-speaking population in Latin America and Spain. Our experience in the last two years has shown that nearly half of the on-line comments the paper receives in Spanish come from readers in other countries who consider Revolución an important source of news about the revolutionary movement in this country and the world.

Revolución aims to improve the quality of the translations, to translate articles in a more timely way, and to maintain a stronger Spanish-language section of . Think about what is involved in not only writing articles hot on the heels of events, on a weekly basis – but also getting them translated in time for publication.

Our paper is currently translated by a small network of dedicated volunteer translators around the country. We need to expand to involve more translators and more fluent Spanish speakers in the process of producing our Spanish edition.

Translation is a science and an art, requiring a deep grasp of the cultures as well as the two languages. Our Spanish translators must also wrangle with the reality that there are as many dialects of Spanish spoken in the U.S. as there are countries of origin.

In order to accurately reflect the content, style and passion of the paper’s content, including the contributions of Bob Avakian, we need to free up one of our translators from working full-time at a day job to pay the bills, to being a full-time translator—spending time and energy raising the whole collective’s ability to produce world-class translation, and working to lead and coordinate the efforts of an expanding network of volunteer translators.

Your contribution will make possible:

$34,000 for one full-time translator/translation coordinator’s salary and benefits


[Translated from Spanish:] “I love movies and documentaries. I think it is very important that you keep writing (and translating) Revolution because it has a focus which we don’t often see, or consider, or we forget. The movies that you select to review are very good, as is the extra information you write about them. It would be great if you could publicize your newspaper in the universities and other schools. ”

—An 18-year-old communications student at Ciudad Universitaria [the main campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico] in Mexico City

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