Draft Programme of the RCP, USA --  Contents and Preface


Preface 3

Draft Programme, Part I 5

The World is Intolerable and Cries Out for Justice 7

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat: How the Proletariat Will Transform All of Society 15

The Path to Power 26

Draft Programme, Part II: Appendices 33

1. The Party and the Masses 35

2. Revolution Means Waging People’s War 40

3. Create Public Opinion, Seize Power! Prepare Minds and Organize Forces for Revolution. The Central Task of the RCP,USA 46

4. The United Front Under the Leadership of the Proletariat
Part 1: Why and How the Proletariat Builds and Leads the United Front 54

5. United Front Under the Leadership of the Proletariat
Part 2: Who Are Our Friends, Who Are Our Enemies? A Brief Presentation of Classes in U.S. Society 61


6. The Party Under Socialism, and the Transition to Communism 71

7. Consolidating the New Proletarian Power,Developing Radically New Institutions 75

8. Proletarian Dictatorship, Democracy and the Rights of the People 79

9. Internationalism and International Relations 87

10. Uprooting National Oppression and White Supremacy 91

11. Ending Discrimination Against Immigrants 101

12. The Proletarian Revolution and the Emancipation of Women 103

13. Art, Science, Education, Sports, and the Challenge of Creating a Whole New Superstructure in Socialist Society 108

14. The New Socialist Economy 
Part 1: Grasp Revolution, Promote Production 117

15. The New Socialist Economy
Part 2: Agriculture, City and Countryside, Ecology, and Planning 128

16. Proletarian Morality—A Radical Rupture With Tradition’s Chains 134


In your hands is the new Draft Programme of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. A Spanish edition is being published simultaneously. This programme is the product of a rich collective process, and we believe it is a powerful revolutionary document. But it is...a draft. And so a crucial phase of work now begins: taking this Draft out broadly, holding discussion and debate, and hearing people’s comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

The RCP,USA calls on those committed to real social change to contribute to the process of turning this Draft into a final Programme.

What is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist programme? It is a kind of road map for destroying the old and creating the new. It is a tool for understanding society and the world, and for identifying the forces who will make revolution. It is a declaration of the fundamental changes and transformations that proletarian revolution must bring about, and the policies that will guide these transformations. Such a programme must also sum up key lessons from the accumulated experience of making revolution and building socialism.

The process that led to this Draft Programme has involved discussion and debate, inside and outside the Party, as well as research and investigation into the class structure and social fabric of U.S. society. We have drawn on the ex periences and insights both of veteran fighters and revolutionary-minded youth.

With the publication of this Draft Programme, we want to take this process to a whole new level.

We invite people to study the Draft, and to discuss and argue these questions out with others. For our part, we intend to engage diverse forces around the perspective of making revolution and creating a new society set forth in this Draft. We want to see circles of proletarians take up the issues and questions posed in this document with the Party. We want to exchange views with other political forces committed to justice, change, and revolution. The Revolutionary Worker/Obrero Revolucionario newspaper will feature correspondence and commentary about the Draft Programme.

So we urge you to read on and to discuss the Draft Programme’s line for revolution with us. We in turn want to learn from the opinions and suggestions of others. Our purpose is to hammer out the most scientific, visionary, and practical programme for Maoist revolution in the "belly of the beast."

May 1, 2001


The Draft Programme is divided into two parts. Part I is an overall statement—an analysis and indictment of current society, a vision of and approach to transforming society from top to bottom, and a presentation of revolutionary strategy. Part II is made up of a series of appendices that go into particular issues and questions raised in Part I in greater depth.

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