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$100 to send BAsics to prisoners…
We won’t put people in jails forever

 March 25, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | 


I recently donated $100 to send BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian to prisoners, and I ask others to consider donating as well to the BA Everywhere Campaign.  The need is enormous, and the time is short.  

The reason I donated is because the RCP [Revolutionary Communist Party] has not forgotten the prisoners.  This is important, and a socialist state, when fully realized, will have an entirely different approach for dealing with transgressions against society based not on money or profit, but based on truth and human considerations within a communist context.

Representation and defense during trial will not be based on money or family, color, religion, politics—based on true justice.  And it will be simpler and as immediate as possible, where we won’t put people in jails forever just waiting for someone to decide their fate.  Justice will be one of the prime considerations of the new society.

I donated because the content of the book, BAsics, will give prisoners hope and they will know others are thinking about how to bring about a more just society, specifically Bob Avakian, and others in the RCP.  And there is hope for true justice in a communist society.


-- An artist, computer expert, former businessman

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Donate to radically change the world.

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