Statement given by a woman taking up BA Everywhere at a celebration dinner during the March 27-30 BAE national fundraising weekend:

The time to take a stand for our youth, and help connect them with BA, is NOW!

March 31, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


She lead everyone in reading BAsics 1:13, "No more generations...", together, before beginning:

The time to take a stand for our youth is NOW!

The next generation is our future. Our youth everywhere is in jeopardy. The way this society is targeting our youth, they don't have a chance to see adulthood. For example: Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant.

Imagine being killed because you are young, wearing a hood, having your boys' back or listening to Miguel or Pharrell's music too loud. Imagine being stopped by the police because you look suspicious, because of your locks. Imagine being handcuff with your hands behind your back unable to defend yourself. Imagine getting gunned down for no logical reason or beaten up by a group of adults that is supposed to protect you. This occurs every day in the streets of the United States cities.

Imagine our youth taking their place as leaders in society. Imagine our youth working together with adults, changing the world for the better. This can be possible with your help. There is a leader that is committed to changing the world. That leader is Bob Avakian, BA, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Stand and support our youth. Help the youth connect with BA. $300 is needed so that we can get this BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less! t-shirt out among the youth so that they will make a statement and make this leader, this film and this movement for revolution become known.

When you donate money, or your time, you are enabling the movement to impact all of society and helping a person to transform from a negative situation, to open their mind, to become a revolutionary. Our strategy is Fight the Power, and Transform the People for Revolution.

Hook up with the revolution!

What you can do:

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     Wear a BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing Less! t-shirt.

     Sponsor a BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less! film showing.

     Subscribe to Revolution newspaper and get it out to others.

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