Statement from an Ex-prisoner

I Was Introduced To Revolution - Nothing Less! and BA, So Now I Have To Introduce Somebody Else To It

May 30, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


I spent 23 years, the majority of my life locked up. Now I'm being a part of the revolution because it's something that's positive and I'm hoping that I can be part of changing things that's going on in the world.

The other night I learned that one in every three black males will spend time in the system. That is what America's got for you as soon as you come out of your mother. You could not be more innocent than a new born baby. Regardless of that, you're treated as a future menace to society by the system. Period. I think about my grandson, all the children really, who hasn't done anything to anybody. That's horrible. That's a hurting thing right there. That the system would even set you up for that. It's premeditated. That tears me apart to think about it. We need a change.

I am going to start by donating $23 to the "1,000 Years-$1,000 for BA Everywhere" and I'm going to collect one hundred years from my friends. I probably can get more. We can raise the money together. So that's part of my responsibility. I was introduced to Revolution- Nothing Less! and BA, so now I have to introduce somebody else to it. It's on a whole other level and people need to see that. They really don't know it but they need to see that.

So people should support and get BA everywhere.

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