February 26, 2014
2 Years Since the Murder of Trayvon Martin
A Day of Outrage and Remembrance!


Mass Incarceration + Silence = Genocide:
Act to STOP It Now!
A Dialogue between Cornel West and Carl Dix

May 20, 2013, New York City



Editor's note: Tyisha Miller was a 19-year-old African-American woman shot dead by Riverside, California police in 1998. Miller had been passed out in her car, resulting from a seizure, when police claimed that she suddenly awoke and had a gun; they fired 23 times at her, hitting her at least 12 times, and murdering her. Bob Avakian addressed this.

If you can't handle this situation differently than this, then get the fuck out of the way. Not only out of the way of this situation, but get off the earth. Get out of the way of the masses of people. Because, you know, we could have handled this situation any number of ways that would have resulted in a much better outcome. And frankly, if we had state power and we were faced with a similar situation, we would sooner have one of our own people's police killed than go wantonly murder one of the masses. That's what you're supposed to do if you're actually trying to be a servant of the people. You go there and you put your own life on the line, rather than just wantonly murder one of the people. Fuck all this "serve and protect" bullshit! If they were there to serve and protect, they would have found any way but the way they did it to handle this scene. They could have and would have found a solution that was much better than this. This is the way the proletariat, when it's been in power has handled—and would again handle—this kind of thing, valuing the lives of the masses of people. As opposed to the bourgeoisie in power, where the role of their police is to terrorize the masses, including wantonly murdering them, murdering them without provocation, without necessity, because exactly the more arbitrary the terror is, the more broadly it affects the masses. And that's one of the reasons why they like to engage in, and have as one of their main functions to engage in, wanton and arbitrary terror against the masses of people.

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Justice for Jordon and Trayvon

Statement by Carl Dix on Mistrial in the Murder of Jordan Davis

While the jury convicted Dunn of secondary counts, THEY DID NOT REACH A DECISION ON THE MURDER OF JORDAN DAVIS!!! ONCE AGAIN THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR: BLACK YOUTH—ALL BLACK YOUTH—HAVE TARGETS ON THEIR BACK. Dunn's defense came down to saying any white person has the right to kill any Black person he or she feels is a threat to them. And the jury did not contradict that!
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Trayvon centerfold

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This call was issued by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

February 26, 2014

2 Years Since the Murder of
Trayvon Martin

A Day of Outrage and Remembrance
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Two Years Since the Murder of Trayvon Martin
The Dogs Are Still Out in the Streets

A statement from Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on the importance of people taking up the call for a Day of Outrage and Remembrance for Trayvon.

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Bring the Revolution into Actions on the Anniversary of the Murder of Trayvon Martin 
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MLK Day Parade LA

On the Murder of Trayvon Martin and the Outrageous Acquittal of His Killer:


The whole country was rocked—and is rocking—over the outrageous acquittal of George Zimmerman. This must be a watershed moment. This must become the day that people look back on and say, “that’s when people began to see that you couldn’t reform this shit, and a whole different way—a revolution—was needed.”
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Connecting the revolution with outrage and protests around the country

Updated July 24. Reports from revolutionaries acting in protests and outbreaks from around the country.

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"We Say NO MORE!"

This statement is circulating for signatures and to influence broad public opinion. Funds are urgently needed to publish this statement.

The killing of Trayvon Martin and 2.4 million in prison make clear that there is a whole generation of Black and Latino youth who have been marked and treated as a "generation of suspects" to be murdered and jailed. This is not an issue for Black people alone but for all who care about justice; it is not a random tragedy. We say NO MORE!

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Obama on Trayvon Martin:
Acknowledging "Pain" to Uphold Oppression

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Letter from a reader
There Is a Jolt! What Is Our Responsibility Now?

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"More On 'Jolts'"

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After the Trayvon Martin Verdict:


Statement from Carl Dix

July 16, 2013. The Not Guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case slammed home the legacy of centuries of slavery and said it's OK to lynch Black youth in America. The target on the backs of Black youth has been given legal justification again.

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The Stakes of the Trayvon Martin Case... and the Need to SEIZE THE TIME!

July 7, 2013. Right now, American society—with the whole world increasingly taking notice—is polarizing. Two sides are lining up—one upholding the right of the Trayvon Martins of this world to live and flourish and, if they are attacked, to have justice... and the other upholding the supposed rights of people like George Zimmerman to kill people like Trayvon with impunity.

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A Summer of Big Challenges and Intense Struggle

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We Are All Trayvon: Taking That Message to The Streets!

The Trial of George Zimmerman

The System vs Trayvon Martin
An Oppressor's Trial, an Intolerable Verdict

July 16, 2013. The system has delivered its verdict in the case of the State of Florida v George Zimmerman. Outrage at this verdict has been expressed in many forms by tens of thousands of people across the country, most powerfully in the large demonstrations that filled the streets of cities coast to coast.
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Zimmerman Walks Free
How Long Will This System Continue to Get Away With Murder?

by Carl Dix

July 13, 2013

Orlando Sentinel Censors "We Say NO MORE" Statement on the Killing of Trayvon Martin

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The Zimmerman Trial:
Lies, Slanders...and the Cold-Blooded Lynching of Trayvon Martin

July 7, 2013

Zimmerman's Lies: A Brief Recap

July 7, 2013

Three Questions about George Zimmerman Saying It Was “God’s Plan” for Him to Murder Trayvon Martin

July 4, 2013

From Trial of George Zimmerman:

Cops' Testimonies Show Their Hostility for Trayvons of the World

July 3, 2013

Some observations from the second week of George Zimmerman's trial.

Two Comments on News Coverage of the Trial of Trayvon Martin's Killer

June 28, 2013

The Trial of George Zimmerman; the Persecution of Trayvon Martin

June 18, 2013

Observations from the first week of the Zimmerman trial.

Voices from Sanford

Trayvon Sticker
Feb 26 Sticker
Stop Mass Incarceration Network Flyer pdf.

This is Amerikkka—From Dred Scott to Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin, Black people have no rights that white people are bound to respect.

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It's not in god's hands— it's in our hands.

Atlanta, Georgia, July 15, 2013: Marching to downtown in protest of the Zimmerman verdict. (Photo: AP)

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We don't need a new civil rights movement, we need a revolution. You need to get with the movement for revolution.

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There will be no justice from the Department of Justice.

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We Are All Trayvon, and We Need to Take That Message to The Streets!

What Happens When We Let the System Work?

by Carl Dix

"We have achieved what we set out to do. All we wanted from the beginning was to see this case in court. Now that Zimmerman is going on trial, people need to sit back and let the court do its job."... Statements like this are wrong and dangerous.

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On the Importance of the Slogan "We Are All Trayvon, the Whole Damn System Is Guilty"

by Clyde Young

In opposition to the slogan “We Are All Trayvon,” a Black youth argued in a recent meeting that it is Blacks and not “everyone” who are the target of racial profiling, police brutality and murder and the pipeline leading to mass incarceration. And further that the system has declared open season on Blacks and not on “all of us” and that Black people have been subjected to oppression, brutality and murder throughout history because of the color of their skin.

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Carl Dix in Harlem—the Day After the Trayvon Martin Case

The System Is Guilty
We Need to Put an End to This System