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The Abortion Rights Rally in Fargo

By Pete | August 6, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


The rally began at 3 pm on Saturday and lasted about two hours. Supporters included members from the Minnesota chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Tammi Kromenaker, the clinic director of the Red River Women’s Clinic.

Two organizers of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, Andrea and Alex, emceed the event which included speakers:

  • Sara, a student from UND, who has been a great supporter of the ride, made a speech about four generations of experience with abortion in her family and the difference it made for the later generations to have the right and access to abortion.
  • Karlee, an Abortion Rights Freedom Rider, gave a speech about the “liberation generation" and the need for this generation to finally win this fight. She ended with a chant: “Every generation has an obligation to women’s liberation!"
  • Sunsara Taylor, initiator of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, who laid out the state of emergency around abortion rights and the overall oppression of women, which calls for mass resistance and struggle.
  • Sam, another Freedom Rider, spoke to the importance of people facing the reality of what women all over the country and ultimately all over the world are facing right now, and the need for all kinds of people to stand up for abortion rights and for the full liberation of women.
  • I was the last speaker, and spoke to how abortion providers, advocates for victims, volunteers, and people who care about women should support the ride and connect with Stop Patriarchy.

There was overwhelming excitement from the local people who came.

All were invited to chant: “Without this basic right, women can’t be free; Abortion on demand and without apology!” People thanked the riders for being in Fargo, and unapologetically standing up for a woman’s right to abortion.

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