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No room for compromise: There IS a WAR ON WOMEN

August 20, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Albuquerque is the only city in all of New Mexico that provides abortions. Doctors there comprise two of the four in the nation that will still openly provide later term abortions to women who need them, since Dr. Tiller was murdered.

In the last year, Operation Rescue has moved their “missionaries” out to ABQ, and they have successfully put a 20-week abortion ban on the ballot for October 8. Last week, they imported OpRescue fascists from over the country and laid siege to this city.

No Home for the Anti-Abortion Movement

Conversation from the Rally to Denounce Terrorism in Albuquerque August 20, in response to the recent siege laid upon them by Operation Rescue.

Chanting, “Operation Rescue, GO HOME!”

1: “They should get out of Albuquerque. Nobody wants them here. They are outsider extremists who need to go back to Texas or wherever the fuck they came from.”

2: “What about the women in Texas?”

1: “Well…” (lightbulb) “Oh… yeah.”

2: “You know they do this all over. They did this in Wichita. They target late term providers and states with very few providers, hoping to create these ‘states of refuge.’ Some of them live in those states, some of them don’t. Bottom line, no matter where they’re from, is they want to enslave women.”

1: “That’s fucking true! There should BE NO HOME for Operation Rescue!”

The “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust” faction (aka the Hitler Youth) effectively shut down a local Holocaust Museum, demanding that an abortion exhibit be added.

They went to homes of physicians and midwives and terrorized their families, screaming, “Murderers!”

They hung baby dolls from the lampposts and fliered local neighborhoods with their pictures of mutilated stillborns.

The mayor welcomed them, and took a photo-op to shake hand with the fascists.

This is not that complicated. We must rely on ourselves. Albuquerque is one example of a local focus of a nationwide strategy to reduce women to breeders, by spending DECADES setting terms and making this a debate about “babies” in public discourse, reinforced by THOUSANDS of years of patriarchy and a brutal Old Testament dogma we should leave in the dust where it belongs. By conducting their “Summers of Mercy” and sieges like this, an ongoing REIGN OF TERROR that keeps providers few, far between, isolated and in many ways paralyzed. AND by a legislative ONSLAUGHT (278 abortion restrictions on the table this year alone) that has only been successful because of how effective they have been at setting the terms societywide, along with a pattern of compromise and capitulation from large sections of the Democratic Party.

Lend your voice or your body to this protest in ABQ today, and then get connected with StopPatriarchy.org and do this shit in your town, and across the nation! See StopPatriarchy.tumbler.com for some righteous examples.

This system is not about enforcing the notion of women as human beings, and it never has been. It is time to TURN THE TIDE. Get off your couch and defend a clinic. Get organized at StopPatriarchy.org. Counterprotest the fucking Marches for “Life” (forced motherhood). EXPOSE and OPPOSE these fucking fascists wherever they show their faces. Speak OUT about abortion. Tragic? Fuck that, LIBERATING! Abortion is socially unacceptable while the shit that they do in places like Albuquerque is fine because of freedom of speech?? Oh HELL NO. Let’s take a tip from the rally in Jackson, MS, last Saturday and this denouncing of Op Rescue today in New Mexico!

If we don’t stand up TODAY and for REAL, we will wake up tomorrow to a nightmare world in which organizations and ideologies like Operation Rescue’s has defined the parameters of what is possible....

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