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11 Abortion Rights Freedom Riders arrested outside Rick Perry's mansion on closing day of major Texas abortion trial

August 14, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


“Without this basic right, women can’t be free, abortion on demand and without apology!”

“When abortion is illegal, women die.”

“Forced motherhood is female enslavement.”

Eleven Abortion Rights Freedom Riders chanted these slogans as they were arrested in the street between Governor Rick Perry’s mansion and the State Capitol Wednesday afternoon. After demonstrating at the Federal Courthouse in the morning to support abortion providers’ fight to overturn HB2, a bill that if put fully into effect could close all but six abortion clinics in the state of Texas, Freedom Riders moved to the mansion of Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, who has declared his intent to make abortion completely unavailable in Texas. They moved into the street and traffic was stopped for many blocks around. They held posters with the names of women who died from botched abortions before it became legal in 1973. A whole generation of young people does not know of the death and horrors that women went through to stop unwanted pregnancies before 1973.

People walking by were drawn to support the demonstrators’ brave stand. While protesters were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and sitting in the street in 97 degree heat, two women brought them water and poured it into their mouths.

This protest in the street took this battle to defend abortion rights to a new level. Many more thousands of people are seeing a force fighting boldly, audaciously, with a huge amount of certitude, and with morality on our side.

Stop Patriarchy calls on people across everywhere to support these protesters by sending donations to the Freedom Ride, sending a message of support, joining in the Week of Defiance August 25 – Sept. 1, and calling Gov. Rick Perry's hotline and demand that all charges be dropped against the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders.

Now is the time for everyone to join in putting themselves on the line to stop this war on women!

More reports to come, including from the people arrested.

Call Rick Perry's hotline at (512) 463-1782 to demand that all charges be dropped against the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders!

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