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Reflections from the Ride

August 28, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |



Austin, August 4

We are not forced to wear chains and shackles but yet we are enslaved. We do not need an endorsement to be role models but yet we are. We were not always equal but yet as women we leave a big impact on society. Being a freedom rider is a privilege. On this ride you learn a lot about how society plays a whole when it comes to the rights of women. We have been brainwashed by patriarchies to endure the enslavement of women and told there is no way to fighting back. Through the years of subjection, mistreatment, abuse, rape, still somehow we rise. Why do religion hold people back from reality? Why do people feel as if voting amounts to change? These are questions I ask myself as I am passing flyers and agitating the importance of women's rights for abortion on the corner of Texas. Being able to discuss the rights for abortion is a conversation these people do not engage in daily. I am only 17 years old. I have not experienced the days before Roe v. Wade, I have not been pregnant, and I do not personally know anyone that has induced their own abortion but I am aware of the tragedy that illegal abortions will bring. I have learned that religion contributes to the degradation and enslavement of women. Here in Austin I have seen pro life people talk about god and why abortion is considered murder. I have listened to stories about women being put down by preachers because of their want for an abortion. Being a part of this ride allows society to change our futures and save the lives of millions of women. In my opinion, these brave characteristics defines what a god truly is. A god is not one that makes people feel ashamed for things they have done, decisions they have made, their wants for abortion and respect. Why should one's religion and beliefs leave millions of women to feel enslaved?

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