October 29 to November 6, Jackson MS
November 15-17, Albuquerque NM

Mississippi/Albuquerque Abortion Rights Emergency

StopPatriarchy.org’s November counter-offensive against the attacks on abortion is underway this week! We are calling for people from all over the nation to contribute your voice, time, money, creativity, and courage to stand with us in Jackson MS, where the last clinic in the state is under threat of violence and impending closure, and in Albuquerque NM, where a 20-week ban on abortion would put out of business 2 of the only 4 late-term abortion providers left in the U.S.


Two Concentrations of the Fight Over Abortion Rights Loom in November
Everyone Who Supports Abortion Rights Must Rally in Mississippi and Albuquerque

by Sunsara Taylor and Rigel Kane. Right now, there are two key places in the U.S. where the nationwide battle over abortion is most concentrated: November 2-6, the last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi will be under siege from Operation Save America, an extreme violence-inciting, woman-hating Christian fascist organization; on November 19, a vote will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that could ban abortions after 20 weeks. Read more

Three Questions To Ask Yourself About the Assault on Abortion Rights in Jackson and Albuquerque, and The Role You Should Play

by Rigel Kane. Posted October 29, 2013. 1 in 3 women in the U.S. get an abortion. The complication rate for birth is ten times higher than the rate of complications with abortion. Abortion is a common and safe medical procedure that is necessary for women to be able to control their own lives. Flying in the face of these facts, a powerful anti-abortion movement is pushing to end all access to abortion, and to shame and criminalize the women who get them and the doctors who provide them. The attacks on abortion rights in Jackson and Albuquerque—intimidation, harassment and threats to the clinics, as well as proposed laws attempting to close these clinics and thus eradicate access in vast (and ultimately all) regions of the nation—come on top of three years which have seen record restrictions on abortion across the country; more than 50 abortion clinics have been forced to close. Whether the latest and most dangerous concentrated attacks are allowed to go down unchallenged—or whether they are resisted, exposed, and through this many more people are rallied to stand up for abortion rights—will have great bearing on the lives of women everywhere for generations to come. Read more

We Condemn the New Federal Ruling Which Will Immediately Shut Down Abortion Care at Many Clinics in Texas
We Appeal to All Who Care About Women: We Must Resist Now!

A statement issued by Sunsara Taylor, on behalf of StopPatriarchy.org (November 1, 2013)


Dispatch from Day 1 in Jackson: Eating BBQ, Talking with Students, Standing Up for Abortion Rights

by Sunsara Taylor, October 31, 2013. Yesterday we arrived in Jackson, Mississippi, in the early afternoon. All the way down we were buzzing among ourselves about how outrageous it is that there is only one abortion clinic left in the State of Mississippi! Read more

Stand With Those in Mississippi Bravely Stepping Out to Confront the Anti-Abortion Fascists

Letter from a reader. October 31, 2013. I have been following the coverage at revcom.us calling for people to converge in Mississippi and stand up against the siege being organized by Christian fundamentalist fascists against the last abortion clinic in that state. Here's what I have been thinking. Read more

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

This past summer, nearly two dozen people loaded into vans and drove from both coasts and down the middle of the country, stopping in 15 states over the course of a month in response to the nationwide state of emergency facing abortion and reproductive rights. They set out to launch a national counteroffensive to the war on women, to reclaim the moral high ground by declaring Abortion on Demand and Without Apology, and to bring forward a movement of resistance that breaks free of the killing confines of official politics. Major advances were made on all of these fronts and critical lessons were learned. Read more about the Freedom Ride