Attention Photographers

Capture the World for the Revolution

Revolution newspaper needs your photos. When people protest in the streets or when you go on assignment, send photos to Revolution (

The whole unjust order—this society—stands on stilts of many lies. Revolution newspaper is for bringing truth to those who are struggling to make a better world. We will print photos, news stories and analyses that other papers will ignore or bury.

Our newspaper is enabling an ever-expanding network of revolutionary fighters, dreamers and conscious thinkers to make a scientific assessment and analysis in society. This analysis is informed by the body of work, method and approach of our Chairman, the revolutionary communist leader Bob Avakian.

The subtlety, immediacy and insight of just one powerful photo can expre ss volumes. Let your photos move people to tears or help their spirit s soar, through the pages of our newspaper.

Many of the downpressed have trouble reading. Your photos will make revolutionary analysis accessible to more people.

If the people are to break through now when the stakes are so high, your photos can make a difference.

We need many types of photos:

How to send us materials:

We strongly prefer digital images for timely publication. If you have prints, please send scanned copies.

Send color photos in JPEG format, 3x5" at 300 dpi and set quality to high.

Email them to:

NOTE: Do not send photos that depict illegal acts. If you have questions about a photo, discuss those questions with us before you send anything. Call RCP Publications PR Office at: 773-227-4066, leave a message.

Send the following five pieces of information with EACH picture (in the same envelope or email):

  1. Description

    Give the file name of the photo and describe what is depicted. When was it taken? Where? If appropriate, describe who is depicted in the photo (who is speaking, what group is depicted).

  2. Attribution

    Describe how we should attribute the picture. If you don't let us know how to attribute your photos, we can't publish them.

    There are three methods of attribution:

    No name is given. In our newspaper, we label these photos "Special to Revolution."
    You could use a nickname or initials. For example: "Photo by C.K." or "Photo by Shutterbug"
    Your name or Agency name:
    For example: "Photo by Tom Smith" or "Photo by TS Photos"

  3. Permission

    Give us explicit permission in your email to use your pictures.

    For example: "I give you unlimited use permission to publish the attached photos in any way you chose."

    We use photographs in the Revolution newspaper, on the Revolution Online website and sometimes in separate pamphlets and publications. We sometimes run photos several times.

    We prefer unlimited use. You can also choose to give us only "one-time use" or specify other limitations. You can also contact us to discuss this.

  4. Compensation

    Revolution newspaper is a not-for-profit press supported solely by donations from the people. Our funds are extremely limited. We would like you to simply donate your photos free of charge. In some cases we can discuss working out compensation for specific pictures.

  5. Contact

    How do we contact you if we have questions about the photo or want to discuss future coverage?

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