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Preparing Minds, and Organizing Forces, for REVOLUTION  

We have a strategy for revolution, and this newspaper is a key component of this strategy.

Revolution newspaper, the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, provides the foundation, guideline, and organizational scaffolding for the whole process of carrying out our strategy for revolution. Through publishing works of Bob Avakian, and through many different articles, interviews, letters, graphics, and other features, Revolution enables people to really understand, and act to radically change, the world.  This is the paper that exposes why things are the way they are...that reveals why it doesn’t have to be this way... that shows how we can act to bring about a real revolution.  It is, and has to increasingly become, the scaffolding on which the movement for revolution is built, the means for people to get organizationally linked up to this movement.  It is  a vehicle through which new people can get a clear sense of the principles, aims, and methods of this revolution, and those who are already involved can wrangle with how to further build this movement for revolution. This newspaper is a guideline where today thousands, but soon tens of thousands and eventually millions, can stay connected and learn to act in a powerful and united way.  It sets forth the larger goals of revolution and communism and the ways in which the struggles of today are connected to those larger goals. It enables people to grasp the scientific communist outlook and method, and to better understand the material basis that exists for getting to a radically different and better world.