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March 28, 2019 | Revolution Newspaper |


HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution says, "Thousands need to get organized into the ranks of the revolution now, while millions are being influenced in favor of this revolution."

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March 28, 2019

1. Wars of empire, occupying armies and crimes against humanity are built into this this system of capitalism-imperialism. They will continue as long as it exists.

Venezuela... Golan Heights... Gaza

What CAN put a stop to this?

An actual revolution.

Watch the full speech by Bob Avakian: Why We Need An Actual Revolution & How We Can Really Make Revolution

“...we have 2 choices: either, live with all this— & condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all— *or*, make revolution!”

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3. Surprise, Mueller Did Not Save You:
Wake Up & Get Serious—
The Only Way to Stop the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime Is Through Mass Struggle!

The alleged ties to Russia are not and never were the reason WHY the Trump/Pence fascist regime had to go. They must go because they are FASCIST.

Revolution Club LA joins the call from for protest this Friday, March 29, in Los Angeles at the Trump star at Hollywood & Highland, 5:00 pm.

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