Revolution #173, August 16, 2009

Revolution Publication Schedule & the Campaign Around
The Revolution We Need… The Leadership We Have

The special issue of Revolution (#170) with the message and call, The Revolution We Need… The Leadership We Have, will be the pivot of revolutionary work for the upcoming months. In order to enable all those who are joining the revolutionary movement around this message and call to accomplish great things, the schedule for the upcoming months will be: three consecutive new issues of the newspaper, and then one week when there will be no new issue. During the weeks when there is no new issue of Revolution, there will be a focus on getting out the message and call in great numbers, and drawing people into the revolutionary movement.

Readers should stay closely tuned to “Spreading Revolution and Communism” features in the print edition of Revolution, and check in regularly at the “Spreading Revolution and Communism” link at for more correspondence on getting out the message and call. Discuss, and learn from the experiences of others—for example, the article “Building a Serious Movement for Revolution” (Revolution 8/2/09) has important suggestions on how to organize a good fundraising event, in the context of building a revolutionary movement with roots in communities.

The schedule for the next several months of publication is:

There will not be a new issue of Revolution shipping on August 17. On the weekend of August 22-23, people will be reaching out to new areas with the message and call, showing the DVD “Revolution—Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About” by Bob Avakian, and holding fundraising picnics.

New issues of Revolution will be shipped on August 24, 31 and September 7. The issue that ships on September 7 will be a special high school/middle school issue.

No new issue will ship on September 14. On the weekend of September 19-20, there will be another wave of outreach into new areas with the message and call, the “Revolution” DVD, and fundraising events.

New issues of Revolution will be shipped September 21, 28 and October 5; the October 5 issue will be a special issue on prisons and prisoners.

Stay tuned to the “Spreading Revolution & Communism” section of the print and web editions for more news, reports, and correspondence.
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