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Building for the Cornel West/Bob Avakian Dialogue at a Midwestern college

November 2, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Recently a prof invited me to speak to his class about the Dialogue and a number of students said they were interested in going.  After the next class session, I met with a group of six students who hung around to get more deeply into the 3 reasons that people need to be at the Dialogue and the historic moment it is occurring in.  This connected with them – especially how it could change what millions of people were thinking and talking about.  Four of the six are committed to coming, one has to try to resolve a job problem and the last one was leaning strongly toward coming by the end of our discussion. I challenged them not only to come but to bring friends.  Most of them said that they had people in mind they would talk to.  They also had ideas for how to promote the Dialogue.  One student said he would try to arrange for the college TV station to interview an organizer for the Dialogue.  Another person had an idea for how to get it into an on-line magazine. One student who is particularly interested already has his ticket and is bringing two of his friends who live in NY, plus he volunteered to help build for it in NY because he will be getting there a day early.  So I am going to give him at stack of palm cards to take with him. 

This last student was also at the local O22 demo and is looking for how to strengthen that resistance.  We talked about how going to the Dialogue will deepen people’s understanding of what kind of revolutionary change will be necessary to eliminate the kinds of outrages that people were protesting.  But we also talked about how the significance of this Dialogue went far beyond that because it is about the liberating the whole world.  And in this context I went back to what difference it makes to have BA’s work and leadership.  I pulled out Basics and the Constitution to show him some of what BA has been up to for the past 40 years.  This had a big impact.  He was like WOW – “I didn’t know these things even existed.  This makes it real when you are talking about him as a revolutionary leader.  I got to read these.”

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