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November 3, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


Two Black women from Ferguson / St. Louis:

  • “I want to learn more about revolution. I want to see change and see a better world. I am a reasonable person that is open to suggestions”
  • “I want to go to participate with the dialogue, to take this revolutionary movement to the next level. I want to be part of building this movement, I want to own our community, boycotting stores and hit them economically, to stop slavery, destroy the system of slavery and tear it down.”

25-year-old concerned millennial from Seattle

I want to go to the Dialogue on Revolution and Religion with Cornel West and Bob Avakian because I want to be thoroughly informed on the communist movement and believe if I were, that I could better influence other young people. The revolution is a machine with many parts, which are the people. We want as many parts as possible to be working so that the revolutionary machine will run at full strength. I would gladly give my life knowing that my contribution to society helped solidify peace, prosperity and equality on planet earth. Being an African-American atheist, I think it’s necessary that we are represented in the Dialogue about Revolution and Religion. If this event were not to happen, the status quo as it stands could be cemented into society. We need this summit like the lungs need air.

A man who grew up in Cabrini Green, a housing project in Chicago, and who is working on getting to the Dialogue:

"The young guys around here—they need to understand that this could be their chance to put their footprint in the sands of history. There are speeches that Malcolm X made, that Martin Luther King made that have gone down in history. This could be like that."

Young woman in the Los Angeles Revolution Club

I want to be there. And yes, I'm going to fundraise to go, and there's no way I wouldn't go. Because I'm always open, and I always love hearing Bob Avakian talk; and since he's talking about religion, and especially that he's getting into it with someone who is religious, that's like something that sparks my curiosity to know what they're going to talk about.

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