Chicago Police Videos of Paul O’Neal Killing Released:
Black Teenager Was Unarmed—“It was cold-blooded murder”

August 5, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Paul O'Neal


Eight days ago Paul O'Neal, an 18-year-old unarmed Black youth was shot in the back by Chicago police as he ran away from them. Today the shocking videos were released from the dash cam videos from the police cars and the body cameras of some of the cops.

What do they show? A police car speeds the wrong way down a one-way residential street and stops. The car O'Neal was in comes around the corner and drives around the cop car. You see the cop jump out and begin rapidly firing six or seven shots at the car anyway—as it goes by and as it drives away—one of the neighbors said it was like the “wild, wild west.”

Then the car O'Neal was driving crashes into a cop car. He gets out and runs. And then you see cops chasing after Paul through people's yards and you hear several shots.

Then fatally wounded Paul O'Neal is shown, surrounded by cops, lying face down on the ground in a blood-soaked t-shirt having his head brutally picked up and slammed down as he is handcuffed. One of the cops says, “They shot at us too, right?” Other cops are asking each other if they’re OK, while Paul lies dead or dying on the ground, while one pig has his foot on him.

Suspiciously missing was any footage from the body cam of the cop who fired the fatal shots. But the videos that were released DO reveal the executioner mentality and actions of the system's enforcers both right before and immediately after the cop shot Paul in the back.

Video of Chicago police shooting Paul O'Neal

The lawyer representing Paul O'Neal's family, Michael Oppenheimer, said at the press conference that he watched the devastating videos with Paul O'Neal's mother and sister who were so distraught they could not finish watching all the videos and had to leave. Oppenheimer said, “What I saw was a cold-blooded murder. It was a cold-blooded killing. You don't even shoot, and you shouldn't shoot, dogs that are running away. And, the only shots that anybody could have heard, on these videos or in this case, are the shots of the police officers improperly firing at the car, and at Paul O'Neal.”

The video of the murdering cop's first reaction speaks volumes about the real role, mentality, and culture of impunity of the police. Does the cop who shot Paul O'Neal say 'Oh my god, I just murdered that kid' and try to save Paul's life? No. Did he say, 'Holy shit, I'm going to be charged with murder'? No. He actually said, "Fuck, man I'm going to be on a desk for 30 goddamn days now. Fuckin' desk duty for 30 days now. Motherfucker!" ( This is the only punishment he expected—a mere inconvenience while being paid—because the overwhelming punishment for police murder in this country is NOTHING 99% of the time.

And the response of the supervisor on the scene on hearing this was to tell the cops to turn off their body cameras. What does this tell you about this system and its so-called justice. This system is illegitimate and can never give justice and these videos show THAT, they show the murdering pigs continue to murder and all the policy changes and transparency are just part of the workings of the system to quell the anger of the people and keep on brutalizing and murdering. Why do they get away with this over and over and over again? Because when police murder Black and Brown people with impunity they are doing their job. (See BAsics 1:24)

This outrageous murder can not be allowed to go down!


Protesting Murder and Terror by the Police Is Absolutely Righteous and Necessary!




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