The Revolution Club, NYC—
DIS-Respecting the Flag, Shaking Things Up at Columbia University

September 9, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Revolution Club at Columbia University, NYC. Photos: Special to

The NYC Revolution Club stepped out on the first day of classes at Columbia University, ready to shake some things up. In the middle of the afternoon, one member of the club walked to the middle of campus, alone, pulled out the american rag, laid it out on the steps, and sat on it. Then three other RevComs entered the scene with large signs: One with “Sit Down with Colin Kaepernick” from, and the other with Joey Johnson and the RNC 16 burning the american rag. They started chanting “1,2,3,4, slavery, genocide and war, 5,6,7,8, America was NEVER great!” Noche Diaz of the Revolution Club began agitating about what this country is really all about, why we have no respect for that imperialist rag. He continued: in fact, there is a way out; we have the leadership in Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party and a strategy to overthrow this system at the soonest possible time. He invited students to the October 8 launch of the book, THE NEW COMMUNISM by Bob Avakian, featuring Cornel West and Carl Dix.

This drew in lots of students, who got the Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, “Time to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution.”

The club sat on the rag, and talked with people who were interested in what we were doing, what we were about, etc. A small group of veterans came out to challenge us, and very quickly debate sharpened over the role of the U.S. military. A veteran and friend of the Revolution Club came by and was invited to sit on the rag, and struggled with a reactionary veteran, saying that even in the Navy, they treat Black people like slaves, and that he was ashamed to have served in their military. Another student joined the club in calling out a reactionary veteran, and struggled with a friend of his who was trying to argue that America was essentially “post-racial.” He signed up to learn more about the club, and left with a handful of materials.

So some things have been opened up on this campus with the club’s bold action, and need to be pushed on a lot further.




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