Urgent: Demand the Release of Revolutionaries and Others Still Jailed for Protesting Police Murder

October 3, 2016 10 pm | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Update Tuesday October 4:
All were released last night after much misinformation and dragging out the process.  Thank you to everyone who made calls for the release of the Revolution Club members and friends and family of CJ Snell.  More reporting to come soon on ongoing protests.


Urgent! As of the night of October 3, members of the Revolution Club and two other women who were protesting the criminal murder of Carnell CJ Snell are STILL in police custody! Call the LAPD 77th Precinct at 213.473.9308 NOW to demand they be released IMMEDIATELY. One woman is supposed to be let out without bail and the bail has already been posted for three others. But the vicious police are dragging this out in what can only be understood as preventative detention and punishment for having stood up against the police's murderous actions.


These four were arrested last night righteously standing up against this cold blooded murder... they were arrested just hours after the LAPD from a nearby precinct murdered another 18 year old, whose name has not been released.

The police are on a murderous rampage! It is right to stand up against this—and everyone must have the backs of these revolutionaries and protesters.

Those in custody include two members of the Revolution Club, CJ Snell's cousin and neighbor and close friend. This is an outrage that can no longer be allowed to stand!

Call the 77th Precinct NOW (213.473.9308) spread the word throughout all society. Contribute to the bail fund (need to raise $400 more to cover the bail): https://www.crowdrise.com/revolution-club-los-angeles-emergency-fund




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