CJ Snell Shot Five Times in the Back for Driving with Temporary Plates

Murdering Pigs on the Rampage – Time and Past Time to Get Organized for An ACTUAL Revolution

October 3, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


CJ Snell
CJ Snell

Saturday afternoon, October 1. Los Angeles pigs murdered 18-year-old Carnell “CJ” Snell Jr. They murdered him for being a Black man, in South Central, driving in the middle of the afternoon, with temporary license plates. And for running for his life when they pulled him over. People on the scene say the police shot CJ five times in the back. Witnesses told reporters Snell was running with his hands up and was telling officers to not shoot him. In other words, the pigs murdered him in cold blood.

To add degrading obscenity to murder, police at first refused to allow CJ’s mother, who was at the scene, to see her son, as he lay dead or dying on the street in handcuffs (video here).

Immediately an angry crowd gathered, blocking the intersection near where CJ was shot, disrupting a police news conference and confronting a line of police in riot gear. “People are fired up and can't take it anymore,” one woman said.

CJ’s former teacher posted this on Facebook:

Just learned that the police killed one of our former students 3 hours ago. Carnell was trying. Im afraid of what he felt. Im afraid of my numbness. Im afraid of the rage that stays on the tip of my tongue. Im afraid of Carnell's life being reduced to a hashtag. Witnesses say that his hands were up when he was shot in the back. He will always be more than what the LAPD considers as disposable.

He made my day everyday. He made all of our days. He was 18.

Rest sweet, Carnell.

Murdering pigs are on a rampage in the United States. In just the past two weeks: Charlotte police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott for waiting to pick up his child coming home from school. Tulsa police murdered Terrence Crutcher for peacefully backing away from police with his hands up. Police in El Cajon, California, murdered Alfred Olango for having a mental health crisis. Columbus, Ohio police shot down 13-year-old Tyre King for being a Black child playing with a toy gun. And just two days ago, the pigs in Pasadena murdered Reginald “Junior” Thomas. He was a father of eight with a mental condition. He was tased and beaten to death.

Why do they do this? Because when police carry out random terror and murder, they are doing their job. They are violent enforcers of a system of exploitation and oppression. That is why they brutalize, terrorize and murder, over and over and over again … and get away with it over and over and over again.

Investigations? Commissions? Body cameras? Conferences? Voting? None of that does shit.

So what do we do?

It is very important that people rise up and refuse to accept the continual murder of people, particularly Black people as well as Latinos, by police—this, and the other outrages and atrocities continually perpetrated by this system... cannot go down without people fighting back and rocking back the powers-that-be. But this must be built toward revolution—an actual revolution that overthrows this system at the soonest possible time—because there is no solution to these outrages under this system, and as long as we live under this system, this will go on...and on. There is a way that we can make a real revolution—and bring into being a radically different and better society: we have the strategy, program, and leadership for this revolution, in the work of BA and the Party he leads, the Revolutionary Communist Party...

—from “A Basic Point of Orientation” at revcom.us.

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