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Challenging “Pussy Power” Protesters at Trump Tower to Get to the Root of the Problem and the Real Solution

October 20, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


October 19—The Pussy Power rally at Trump Tower was filled with furious people whose energy and rage against Donald Trump and the culture of rape, misogyny, and oppression he represents was being preyed upon by opportunists from the Democratic Party, in all their narrow-minded vileness.

Chants were raised and signs flew high, bearing slogans like “Grab him by the BALL‑OT” and “This pussy votes!”

The Revcoms and a few people who had shown up to run with the Revolution Club initially marched through and around the crowd. Our signs said: “America was NEVER great! We need to OVERTHROW this system!” And “Women are not bitches, hos, sex objects, breeders, or punching bags! Women are full human beings!” And “Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution.” Some signs also included images of the cover of THE NEW COMMUNISM.

We chanted: “Break the chains! Break, break the chains! Overthrow the system—women are NOT slaves!” And “Fascist Trump and Imperialist Clinton: Criminal Choices of a Criminal System!” And “1-2-3-4 Slavery, Genocide, and War—5-6-7-8 America Was Never Great”.

The rallying crowd was penned in by barricades. And the roaming pigs, high on power and testosterone, could barely keep it together enough to grease on sickening smiles and insist that people get off the sidewalks and stay penned in...although a couple of them were clearly pushing and prodding protesters.

The Revcoms went in among the crowd, and after a brief tête-à-tête to determine what would be done to draw the crowd away from the near-drowsy stupor they seemed to have been lulled into (undoubtedly by the certainty that “pussy power” would rid the world of Donald Trump and everything he represents, and all they had to do to make this happen was hold their noses and cast a vote for a war-mongering super-predator like Hillary Clinton).

We made our way to the larger conglomeration of media, by the oozing epicenter of democratic action (large neon signs reading “VOTE” and so on), and whipped out our bullhorn...

Members of the Club, as well as others who were running with the Club started agitating. We called on people to cast off illusions and realize that they were being played, channeled into supporting the same illegitimate system that continually gives rise to and justifies the crimes of Donald Trump and many others like him. We challenged them to get to the root of what the ACTUAL problem facing humanity is—a system that is rotten to the core and built on the backs of millions of people who are enslaved and exploited for the sake of profit by a relative handful of competing capitalists. We urged, if we are ever to break the chains that shackle women here and all over the world, we must overthrow and get beyond the system of capitalism-imperialism. This agitation did not fly with the Democrats. A rabid few of them began to threaten the Revcoms and one of them began to scream into the ears of the person who was agitating. Another one tried to grab the bullhorn, scratching and pulling at the Revcom holding it. This went on, as the other Club members kept up the steady chant of “Slavery, genocide, and war!” until a few people intervened to pull the Democrats away and block their advances.

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For another half-hour the RevComs went among the people, handing out the Revolutionary Communist Party Central Committee statement “HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution.” We tried to engage people then, but the response was sparse and largely unfocused, as people shoved the statement into bags and pockets and continued to chant about how Hillary Clinton would somehow end rape culture... Pro-Trump marchers nearby yelled into the crowd, accusing “feminazis” of waging a war on men, and Hillary Clinton of “supporting her rapist husband.”

Then the crowd started to thin out a little. A few people who were interested in the “Mein Trumpf: A Thoroughly American Fascist Pig!” and “Women Are Full Human Beings!” posters came up to take photographs of them, and we spoke with them about the need to press forward in the struggle to emancipate women and seize power from the capitalist-imperialists. We put forward the question and challenge posed by BA in one of the pieces in his compilation Break ALL the Chains: Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution: “Can This System Do Away With, or Do Without, the Oppression of Women?” We invited them to the Revolution Bookstore, and to engage seriously with the real problem society faces and the solution concentrated in this movement for revolution.


We broke up into groups again, and went among the people who were still arguing with the Trump supporters, giving interviews to the media, and waving signs at half-mast. One Revcom spoke with a small group of about six young women who had been giving interviews to the media (the newscaster listened in for a few minutes as well, before retreating). She pointed out the real stakes of these elections (taking orientation from the October 17 article: “The Elections Crisis and the Real Stakes in November.” Especially emphasizing that whether or not Trump wins in November, the storm of fascist hatred and misogyny whipped up around him will have been legitimized in the tens of millions among the masses and the ruling class, and that storm will not simply blow away, whether or not Hillary Clinton secures more votes during the process. And also that regardless of what the personal feelings of Clinton are, the system that she represents has patriarchy and exploitation of women woven into it. She challenged them, as human beings, to take up the responsibility of really digging into the solution to this, not just lining up behind one side of the ruling class or the other, but to really take responsibility for themselves and the masses of humanity, and actually work to overcome ALL forms of oppression, with a real revolution, and the strategy and leadership to bring this into being.

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