Press Conference Calls Out PIGS At Chicago City Hall, Demands Hands Off the Get Into the Revolution National Tour 2016-2017

October 25, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


October 25: A press conference in front of the Mayor's office at City Hall in Chicago exposed and condemned the vicious attack and four arrests during a permitted march on October 22nd–the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. And the press conference put the city and the Chicago Police Department on notice to keep its hands off the upcoming O29 rally being held by the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour 2016-2017.


@Carl_Dix calls all who are sickened by police getting away w murder & our youth kill each other 2 get w revolution



Noche Diaz spoke, representing the "Get Into the Revolution National Tour 2016-2017" which had helped lead the demonstration.  He called out the blood on the hands of the pigs and the system they enforce.

Noche Diaz


@Noche_RC: The blood of our people is on Rahm Emanuel's hands. #RevCom's r organizing 2 end the system he serves.

Noche explained that the application for the permit specifically said there would be no animals in the march, yet there dozens of pigs allowed to be there. 


A Pig Latin translator explained the real meaning behind the Chicago police claim to protect the right to freedom of speech and protest.


Noche Diaz put the city and the Chicago Police Department on notice to keep its hands off the upcoming O29 rally being held by the tour.  O29 will be held in Grant Park (Congress & Michigan Ave)—a central location chosen so that people from all over the city can come together—especially people from neighborhoods where people have been divided against each other and where violence has been engendered and fomented by THIS SYSTEM —to hear the message of the tour about how to get out of this madness and fight the real enemy.  We need an actual revolution. 


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