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U of Chicago Police Viciously Assaulted & Arrested Revolutionaries On Campus TODAY, Don't Stand By!

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Defy University of Chicago and Chicago Police's Ban on Revolutionary Communist Noche Diaz!

October 28, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


The University of Chicago and Chicago police have banned Noche Diaz from campus under threat of arrest.  This is illegitimate and will not be respected.  Noche Diaz will speak on campus Tuesday, November 1, and you must be there—to hear what the University is trying to suppress and to have his back.

3:00 pm Tuesday, November 1
Come Hear Noche Diaz on University of Chicago Campus
Defy the campus and Chicago police ban on who and what ideas you can engage

University of Chicago has made headlines across the country this year for its insistence on free and open speech.  They insisted they would not allow students to “shelter” themselves from any idea.  Yet, on October 26, the University of Chicago and Chicago police violently assaulted and arrested Noche Diaz, a member of the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour, for revolutionary speech inside a campus cafeteria.  A student assaulted Noche and another RevCom, but it was Noche and other RevComs who were attacked, injured, and arrested by police at the request of campus administration.

Not satisfied with sending a young woman to the hospital after police punched and elbowed her in the chest above the heart and in both shoulders... not satisfied with violently arresting Noche Diaz as he was peacefully leaving the building on his own... not satisfied with pressing charges against Noche that carry a full year in jail... the University of Chicago and Chicago police issued Noche Diaz with permanent ban and threat of arrest if he even sets foot back on University of Chicago campus property ever again.

What was Noche Diaz speaking about?  He was calling out the crimes of the system we live under—the ongoing murder by police of Black and Brown people, the U.S.' wars and drone strikes on civilians in the Middle East, the violence and degradation of women, the attacks on immigrants, the destruction of the environment—and he was challenging students to get into THE NEW COMMUNISM that has been brought forward by Bob Avakian, into the revolution that can emancipate all of humanity.  Students need to hear this message!

The ban on Noche Diaz—under threat of arrest—for engaging in peaceful speech on campus is completely illegitimate.  It is a chilling threat to all to “stay in bounds” in their thinking, their scholarship, and their lives; “Think, discuss and act on anything you want,” the message is being sent, “as long as it doesn't challenge the fundamental assumptions of the system of capitalism-imperialism which is ruling over you and billions worldwide through brutal and murderous force.”

Do NOT let this go down!  The University and Chicago police are sending a message designed to chill, intimidate, and silence.  Come hear what Noche Diaz has to say and be part of sending a different message, that we will not let them silence revolutionary voices.


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