Noche Diaz and Revolution Club Defy Ban at
University of Chicago

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An Open Letter from Raymond Lotta:
We Cannot Allow Revolutionary Ideas to be Suppressed in the University; We Cannot Allow Revolutionaries to be Criminalized

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Defy University of Chicago and Chicago Police's Ban on Revolutionary Communist Noche Diaz!

October 28, 2016
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From Cornel West: "I stand with my brother Noche Diaz and my comrades in Chicago who were arrested and beaten by the Chicago police! They have a right to bear witness for justice and deserve humane treatment!"

From Edward Asner:

Dear President Zimmer,

Are the University of Chicago police now acting as representatives of the city of Chicago?  Freedom of speech, a basis of the United States and customarily universities, broadens that principle even more.  As a former University of Chicago student, I protest the mauling of Noche Diaz and the young girl who was punched.

What's wrong with the University of Chicago President Zimmer?  Has it been Trumpized?  To habitually roust Noche Diaz and others is a crime as you are betraying the ideals of what a university should be.  Drop the charges against Noche Diaz.  Don't cheapen or betray the University of Chicago image!

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